Friday, May 15, 2009

High Quality Scans - Alara Reborn

Magic has wonderful artwork and you can download large, high quality scans of Alara Reborn here (25 MB). The card picture to the left is actually reduced and you can see the card at full size here.


Unknown said...

About the HQ scans, I also have HQ scans of all the older releases.
Any chance of MTG supporting those in the futher?
As their size is bigger, using them currently gets you a cropped card in the game. They don't get resized.

Forge said...

My program, MTG Forge, needs to resize the cards. I don't think this is very hard, but I haven't done it yet. Hopefully this will get done soon and when it does I'll announce it.

Jack Mixes said...

Where did these scans come from?

Forge said...

From HQ, I wasn't sure how much you wanted me to publicize HQ so I uploaded the zip file and made a separate link.