Monday, June 30, 2008

MTG Forge – Sliver Edition

This is new release of MTG Forge with 14 news cards. Most of the new cards are slivers. Sliver Legion now works and I’ve added Joiner Adept (Lands you control have "tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.") which will help out any 5 color green decks. The sliver code isn’t perfect and your slivers won’t affect the computer’s slivers. The sliver code was taken from Glorious Anthem.

There are also a few other small bug fixes. Sprout Swarm is now an Instant. The Deck Editor now sorts different, so all “Creature – Sliver” cards will be grouped together. The Deck Editor sorts by the card type line, so basic lands will be under “B” since their type line reads “Basic Land – Mountain”. Fixed Man-o'-War, it incorrectly bounced a creature to its controller’s hand instead of its owner’s hand.

Fixed Liliana Vess, she sets the card’s controller correctly but there still might be a few bugs with creatures with “come into play” abilities. Limited changelings functionality, Changelings are slivers but they aren’t goblins or any other creatures types. When clicking on planeswalkers and other cards, you can now cancel.

I try to improve MTG Forge and most of these changes were suggested by you, the reader. And although I can’t implement every suggestion, I do what I can.

Windows Installer
Java jar for Mac, Linux, etc…

(To save your decks, copy the file “all-decks2”)
(Java source code is included)

p.s. I keep typing “silver” instead of “sliver”, arg!!!


Unknown said...

That's not so bad: I keep reading "silver" instead of "sliver"....

Anonymous said...

Silver Sliver?
Mmm... I wonder what abilities it has... ;-)

Anyway, great job on the slivers.
I love 'em, almost as much as the elves.
But where the elves usually win by tactical play, the slivers just boost, bash and repeat.

Now all I need is Heartstone and Ashnod's Altar and infinite slivertokens are mine!

Yes, I like it "oldschool", but it works. Oh, how it works. *evil grin*

Unknown said...


Need Hivestone. It should work like a glorious anthem except it grants a creature type....

Forge said...

I've never played with sliver's before and they are very fun. I didn't add them to the sealed or draft formats, because generally slivers suck unless you get a bunch of them.

Anonymous said...

@ first- you did a great job.

I play mtg forge on linux and have a little problem: some of the downloaded cards-names are shift written. So I have to change the names to see the cards in game. Is there a posibillity that the programm ignore shifted words?

btw sorry for my english.

Forge said...

Yes I think I can fix the Linux card pictures. Windows ignores the capitilization (I guess it is a hangover from the DOS) but other operating systems are more picky.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether this is the best place to report bugs.
I hope it is and I could help you improve you program.

Spark element causes the program to halt whenever there is no creature blocking it.

Thanks a lot for you great job.