Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Physics Games

Magic: The Gathering seems to attract lots of smart guys and smart guys tend to like (or be interested) in physics. I know of three pretty good games that use physics.

Fantastic Contraption - Your goal is very simple, build a machine (usually something like a car or tank) to move the pink piece on the left to the pink area on the right. Great fun and very addicting. I would love to code a game like this.

Crayon Physics Demo - Your goal is to move the ball on the left to the star on the right by drawing with your mouse. In the demo you can only draw squares but in the full version, $20, you can draw any shape. Very simple, but very cute also. Fantastic Contraption is probably a little better but you can play this offline.

IncrediBots - You build your robot out of parts and then you use your robot in order to achieve the goal. This is the most complicated but it seems interesting if you can get past the learning curve.


rising fruition said...

Fantastic Contraption sucks me in like nothing else in the universe! But I'm really good at solving the levels with the fewest number of pieces possible. (The 21 free levels that is. I can't buy the game or I'd never again see my friends, eat, sleep, etc.).

I played the Crayon Physics Demo a bit. It was interesting, but not compelling.

I'll have to look into IncrediBots. Sounds cool.
OK, I'm back. Yeah, a bit of a learning curve. The cool thing about Fantastic Contraption is that there are only 5 different pieces. Sometimes I wish there were more. I guess someone else wished the same thing and made IncrediBots. I don't think I'll get addicted to it. But you never know... :^)

Anonymous said...

I love fantastic contraption... I've also finished all the free levels. But it's funny, I usually took a different approach... whenever I got stuck I would just add a LOT of wheels :)

Forge said...

Fantastic Contraption blew me away when I first played it. 5 pieces but infinite variety. I still haven't finished the "Big Ball" level. After I finish a level it is fun to do it again with different or less parts.

I would love to add something like a "rubber band" or anchor points to Fantastic Contraption.

I forgot but there is also "Armadillo Run". Wierd name, but your goal it to move the ball to the circle exit.

Forge said...

Armadillo Run doesn't have any moving parts like Fantastic Contraption, you just build ramps and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated, but I just noticed that you can use your opponent s activated abilities, and that Dauthi Trapper's ability can be used absolutely for free. Might wanna fix that.

Jack Mixes said...

Take a look at The World of Goo.

It's a rather famous physics based puzzle game.

Belin said...

Try Phun! It's a lot more technical and bureaucratic than these other games, but if you're fascinated by physics it's likely to get you amused building cannons, tanks, and whatnot...