Monday, December 14, 2009

New Version

There is a new, hot-off-the-shelves, kick-your-brothers-butt, version of Forge with a whopping 200 new cards, which means that Forge now has colossal 2,331 cards. (P.S. I love the word whopping.) Probably the biggest change is that now there is a “Before Combat Begins” phase and an “After Attackers” phase, so you can milk those activated abilities and instants even more. I know people have been clamoring for more phases.

There are a ton of exciting new cards that you will you will want to get your hands on like the planeswalkers Ajani Vengeant and Jace Beleren, the insane-in-the-membrane Time Walk, and the put-any-artifact-into-play king Tinker (make sure to use a nice big fatty like Darksteel Colossus).

Other notable potables includes Academy Rector which lets you abuse enchantments, Umezawa's Jitte which is an insane piece of equipment, as well as the how-do-I-use-this-stupid-card Barren Glory (At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control no permanents other than Barren Glory and have no cards in hand, you win the game). Snow mana is now supported and there are also a ton of tiny fixes for individual cards.

The other big change is that Forge now uses a different deck system. Your old decks were all crammed into the file “all-decks2” but now each deck exists as a separate file. This version will import all of your old decks into the new deck system.

Other nice goodies include a deck editor that lets you easily hide colors and card types that you don’t want. You can see a nice screenshot of it here. (Thanks Nantuko!!)

This whole update was coded by the great guys on the forum: Dennis, Rob, Zerker, and Nantuko.

p.s. I added a text file that says that this is Forge version 11-25 because that was when it was released on the forums. On the forums you can cure world hunger, be the next president of the United States, or finish your homework. The forums are a great place to upload your favorite deck or download someone else's.

Download Forge


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your efforts... I was anxious to test new Planeswalkers... however I can't find an .exe file in teh zip provided... am I missing anything?


nantuko84 said...

my efforts wasn't so big
I just ported filtering code from MagicWars back to Forge ;) ... hm, I'm writing this and starting to realize that I got carried away when was doing filtering for Forge that implemented even more that I have now in MW ;) fun
also I liked how Vasiliy has done deck analysis and random hand generating (don't know if it's in this release, haven't tried it yet)

CoreytheGreat said...

Run the .jar file.

Forge said...

I didn't create a new exe file. The old one didn't work with this version of Forge. On Windows you can just run the jar file by double-clicking on it. (I probably should create a new exe, it might make a few people's lives easier.)

GuillermoMila said...

I've got an error..." Could not find the main class: Gui_NewGame. Program will exit."

GuillermoMila said...

Solved by running the .jar file... thanks! ;)

GuillermoMila said...

No fireblast, no flamerift, no rathi dragon... snif... just leave me alone.. i just wanna cry..

DennisBergkamp said...

I'll definitely add Flame Rift, that one's very easy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks all.. it works :)

Anonymous said...

great work again! this casual player won't have trouble to spend this otherwise boring saturday.
the quest is for me by far the most fun part. Any changes there besides the new cards? higher ratio of good cheap cards and mana fixing would be nice...


Anonymous said...

Great Work!

Gro├čartig wie immer!

Teh new Engine for the Deckbuilder is extremly helpfull. More Cards is a big plus.

But i still miss the Millstone, one of my fav.

Good Luck for your Work.