Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Post a Week

Do you remember when Austin Powers “lost his mojo”? I feel that way. I’m not sure what else to say about Magic and programming. I’ve written more than 90,000 words and have spent countless hours programming.

One of the reasons that I’ve lost my mojo is because recently I haven’t been programming very much. Yes, I’ve talked a lot about Forge version 2 and all that jazz but actually doing it is a different story. Eventually I’ll probably get an itch to work on Forge again and hopefully version 2 will be done someday but not anytime soon. (I’m not sure even a million dollars would inspire me but again it wouldn’t hurt either, ha.)

For the last 6 months or so Forge has been updated by numerous brave volunteers that have collaborated through the forums. (Thanks Huggybaby) I can’t thank those guys enough for volunteering their time and knowledge. I try to always give credit where credit is due and DennisBergkamp, Rob Cashwalker, Chris H. and others have done a great job.

And finally, I consider Forge to be a huge success. It has more than 2,600 cards and a decent AI. If I want to play Magic at 2am in the morning, I can. Forge also has an insane variety of cards that you would never be able to afford in real life.

I feel like I’m saying good-bye but I’m not. I’m just going to spend a little less time focusing (writing and programming) on Magic for awhile.

So for now I’m going to limit myself to only one post on Mondays :+)

If you type in “Magic computer programming” into Google, my blog is the first webpage returned, yeah.


Gabriel said...

man, you juust found a partner, if you need..

i was engaged into a project of recreating a magic the gathering game in C#...but you know, as a good programmer, doing things alone ain't easy as with a partner.

so, if you must, contact me at

i do java and C# coding.

Anonymous said...

What was the project Gabriel? Have you heard about my project? It's not as advanced as forge, but I might have some use for a hand ;)

Unknown said...

Gabriel offers to help and you try to pull him away for Mox? Interesting.

DennisBergkamp said...


Where do I download Mox? sourceForge doesn't seem to show any files...

Just looked at your list of implemented cards, with a name like that, you should definitely implement the Moxes ;)

Anonymous said...

Ben: Sorry to the mtgrares community ;) Didn't mean to steal him or something.. just wanted for him to make an enlightened decision :)

Dennis: I haven't published any binary version of Mox yet. You'll have to compile it yourself (VS2008 needed) if you want to try it. I definitely should implement the moxes!

nantuko84 said...

Where is the queue to stand for Gabriel, I want him to make an enlightened decision about helping with MagicWars as well. lol ;-)

Gabriel said...

as i preffer C# from java, I contacted moxdev. He is good. I mean, real pro.

Anonymous said...


That might be a somewhat early assumption!

Forge said...

I know what moxdev means and I don't take offense at what he says (or what anyone else says either). This is a "small blog" and most of the regular posters know each other. This blog gets anywhere from 250 to 350 hits a day.

Anonymous said...

Better than my 3-20 readers ;)

It all depends on what you want I guess. Forge is much more mature, has a bigger community and much more cards. Mox is still very young, but it has its advantages (unit tests, C#/WPF, minmax AI).

Sad to hear you'll only update once a week, I was checking your blog every day for new posts :) I guess I'm not a great example, I update like once a month now :(

Silly Freak said...

i know that it's not easy to write regularly. the best posts come when you have something to thing about and are very excited about it, and when there's no time for doing stuff... what should you think about?

really, just take it easy and relax. when you're motivated again, you'll be even more so. i'll check your blog multiple times a day either way ;)

@mox: why do you consider C# an advantage? i don't want to say it's bad or anything, but what are the benefits that make you call it beneficial (well, beyond personal knowledge... that's the same with all of us hobbyists)

Gabriel said...

SillyFreak sorry, i know your question was to moxdev.

But C# is a very strong language, it's easy to do most of things with it.

I learned Java some time ago, and well, for me C# is a better structured language.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean advantage as in "strictly superior", more like a personal preference.

I am certainly more interested in C# projects than in java projects, just because of my background. The fact that a project is in C# is then an "advantage" for me when I compare it to other projects. That's how I meant it.

wololo said...

Hey Rares, just relax, motivation will come again. You now have a pretty strong community and Forge will not disappear overnight ;)

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