Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Version

(I am only 35 or so hours late. I should never predict when I’m going to do something.)

Forge now has 115 new cards, which brings the grand total to 2,961 cards. All of the credit goes to DennisBergkamp, RobCashwalker, Chris H, Jim, and slapshot5. Thank you for your work.

OK, the good stuff, the cards. Forge now supports unearth and has 11 cards with that keyword including: Hellspark Elemental (1R, 3/1, trample haste, sacrifice at EOT) and lets you attack again for 1R with unearth. Dregscape Zombie is a generic 2/1 that costs 1B but "Unearth: B" gives the card some depth.

A bunch of lands were added. City of Brass produces any color of mana but also deals damage to you. Exotic Orchard is quirky land that depends on the lands that you opponent has. Reflecting Pool is similar but it depends on the lands that YOU control, basically it clones one of your lands.

Some older cards include: Copper Tablet, 2, artifact, which deals 1 damage to each player during their upkeep, sort of a clock of doom. The Rack, 1, artifact which punishes your opponent for having more than 3 cards, combine this with Howling Mine and force you opponent to draw cards with Ancestral Recall for maximum damage. The land Diamond Valley "tap: Sacrifice a creature: You gain life equal to the sacrificed creature's toughness." And the enchantment Karma which punishes your opponent for using Swamps.

AND, I almost forgot, Quest now has a Card Shop for added variety. The quest mode is the best way to play against the computer, oh the thrill of victory! :)

Forge has a ton of just fun cards like the green morphing Thornling which has 5 activated abilities or Isochron Scepter that lets you abuse any cheap instant or the artifact Time Vault which lets you skip a turn now for an extra turn later.

In the deck editor if you want to look at the new cards, click on the "Sort By" menu and select "Newer cards first". (I know that sounds a little weird but I didn't know what to call it.) Sometimes a card will be redone as a keyword, so while the card isn't strictly new, its implementation is new. (Some cards are created at runtime using special keywords that represent spells and abilities. Look at Exotic Orchard, Shock, or Vithian Stinger in cards.txt for more info.)

Forge 04-10 Version (8 MB) - 04-10 is when it was released on the forums.

Download Pictures
(78 MB) - The card pictures can be downloaded by the Forge program or you can just grab this file.


Anonymous said...

"Newer cards first"??

How about "Recently added" or "Most recently added".

Just a thought...

Forge said...

Writing software for someone else is just hard to do. ;)

Peter said...

Great new features! Now the quest is even more enjoyable (although I'm just allergic to the capitalized 'FAIL' message).

DennisBergkamp said...

Yeah, it's meant to teach people to stop losing ;)

DemoneNero said...

Awesome mate :) almost 3000 cards
thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

"Writing software for someone else is just hard to do. ;) "


Anonymous said...

It's been a year since I've played this game, and it's nice to see it keeping on improving. Nice job! I've quit on buying real cards, but I've decided to go back playing here.

By the way, I downloaded the card pics using the link you gave. How do I make them appear in the game?

Forge said...

Put the jpgs in the /res/pics directory.