Monday, October 4, 2010

New Version

Forge now has 113 new cards, which brings the grand total up to 4,102 cards. Right now Forge only has only 8 Scars of Mirrodin cards but more cards will be added. Everybody loves planeswalkers because they are so versatile and now you can use Elspeth Tirel.

Forge also supports the new Scars of Mirrodin keyword "infect" which means "This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters." Infect is a combination of wither, which is cool, plus old-school poison counters. Plague Stinger (1B, 1/1, flying, infect) is a basic, common card with infect while the mythic rare Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon (3BB, 4/4, flying, infect) will definitely be winning some games. He gains haste for B and regenerates for BB.

Zero cost creatures just got upgraded, Memnite costs 0 and is a 1/1 artifact creature. Darksteel Axe is an indestructible artifact equipment that give +2/+0 that costs 1 and has an equip cost of 2. (By the way all cards that have the word "Darksteel" in the name are indestructible.) Tempered Steel (1WW, enchantment) is the new Glorious Anthem for artifact decks, it says " Artifact creatures you control get +2/+2". Tempered Steel will easily be one of the most expensive cards in Scars of Mirrodin.

Forge also supports the keyword "proliferate" which means "You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there." In other words, add 1 to all counters including poison counters. Keep in mind that proliferate does not use the word "target" so you can choose cards that have protection from blue.

Steady Progress (2U, Instant) says "Draw a card and proliferate" is a basic, utility card while Thrummingbird can be used to proliferate over and over again. Thrummingbird (1U, 1/1, flying) has "Whenever Thrummingbird deals combat damage to a player, proliferate." (I love cards like Steady Progress. It is cool to see sorcery/instant cards with keywords.)

Download - Forge 9-12 (10 MB) - Requires Java and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. This version is the 9-12 version because that is when it was first posted on the forums.

Download - LQ (low quality) Card Pictures (109 MB) - delete your /res/pic/ directory because this file creates a new directory named "pic"

Forge_09-12.dmg (10 MB) - Macintosh binary, makes Forge seem like a regular Mac application


Many people have helped with this version. A very special thank you goes out to them. Thanks for your time and effort. I (and many other people) enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dennis Bergkamp
Rob Cashwalker
Silly Freak
Friar Sol
Chris H


tehdiplomat said...

We just posted a 10/2 version over the weekend and the card total count is up to 4543.

Mondryn said...

Just wanted to point out that proliferate does not double counters. It only adds one counter per target, regardless of how many are already there.

Anonymous said...

I got a question, hope one of you can help.
Now I have downloaded this version of the game, how can I install it that I will still be able to play the quest where I left in the previous version? Thanks in advance.

Forge said...


Oops, you are right. Thanks for the correction.

Forge said...

To save your quest progress from one version to the next.

1. Copy the file "questdata" which is in your /res/quest folder.

2. Then install the updated version.

3. Overwrite the questdata file with your previous version.

I believe this should work but I haven't tried it myself.

Spencer F. said...

Hey, speaking of Planeswalkers, are there plans to add Gideon Jura? I was curious since he's used in a lot of Standard decks I was interested in testing. On the other hand, he does do some weird things, and seems like he could be tough to program...

In any case, thanks for the update! I really love Forge (even if most of those level 3 decks kick my poor questor's ass, heh).

Forge said...

Each planeswalker takes a lot of coding and right now Forge does not have Gideon Jura.

I'm glad the level 3 decks are hard to beat. I secretly worry that Forge's AI is too stupid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Forge!!

Luis Martins said...

Thanks for this info...
I will test it, to compare with the previous version.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
Luis Martins

mon said...

This is great! The project has gone a very long way and what an improvement! Kudos to all the people who worked hard on it!

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