Monday, April 18, 2011

Mage - Play Against the AI or Other Human Players

Having this blog is interesting because it is sort of the "hub" (central location) for all things concerning Magic and computer programming.  I'm always impressed with other Magic projects and I wanted to introduce you to Mage which stands for "Magic, Another Game Engine".

The user interface has a little bit more eye candy than Forge and Mage currently has more than 800 cards.  Mage is written in Java and for some reason many Magic projects use Java, which is my favorite language.  (Java isn't perfect but what language is?)

Mage has a number of good features.  The best one is that the AI is challenging and much better than Forge's.  Mage uses min-max which should enable the AI to make fairly smart decisions.  Mage also lets you play against other people over the Internet with rules enforcement, that way you can test you insidious deck against the AI and then pummel other earthlings via the Internet (that's what the i-net was invented for right?).

Some people love multiplayer Magic but so far no other program other than Magic Online implemented it because it was too complicated.  The good news is that Mage supports multiplayer up to 8 players over the internet.  This is very impresive because more players means more rules interactions and some cards work a little bit differently in multiplayer.  The only limitation is that you can't play against the AI in multiplayer.

Sealed and booster draft are always fun and Mage supports both.  You can play up to 8 players in either format.  The "over the top" feature is that you can play against other players or AI opponents in these two modes, so you can hone your skills in secret before crushing your friends.

Other goodies include a visual deck editor and a collection viewer that lets you flip through Mage's card collection.

Deck Editor

Collection Viewer

Mage (Windows, 17 MB) version 0.7.1 - This includes both the client and server.  You need both parts even if you only play against the AI. 

To download the card images click on the "Images" button in the upper-right corner.  You will also want the mana symbols, so also click on "Symbols", to download them.

Mage FAQ - Answers some common questions.

Mage Forum - Where you can ask more questions. - You must have a recent version of Java (version 6 update 10 or greater).

Thanks to the Mage developers: BetaSteward, Nantuko84, Eugen.Rivniy,

As always, thanks for reading this crazy guy's blog,

Mage is written in Java and almost runs on Macintosh.  There seems to be a problem with the file path and the developers don't have a Mac in order to test and fix the problem.  You can get Mage's source from here which uses the Mercurial version control system.


Hezor said...

Actually cockatrice ( ) allows for multiplayer games, but it doesn't enforce rules, so I don't know if it counts.

nantuko84 said...

96 downloads during 16 days after releasing 1.7.1
100 downloads during one day after posting this blog entry

you were right to say that your blog is like "hub". need to say that long ago it was exactly your blog I started programming in MTG world from.

from my side, I'd like to thank you for forge you started working long ago and thanks for all your efforts :)

Forge said...

Thankfully Forge has many people are working on it and that is the reason why Forge continues to add new cards. If people really love the project, they will take your code and run with it (even if it doesn't have any documentation).

I feel a little wimpy because I haven't worked on Forge in awhile but I'm glad that other people have stepped up to the plate.

Cockatrice looks like it has many good features. It is cool that it supports multiplayer because that is very difficult to do (even without enforcing the rules because network programming is very hard).

Thiago Prado said...

Please port game to Mac, it's open but cards never show

zethfox said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't get Mage to work on a mac...

Tried forge - worst piece of crap I've ever seen!

For one thing: there's no way to draw a card from the library during your turn!!!!!!!!!!!

CanadianBacon said...
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