Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Version

Another great months equals another great version of Forge.  Forge now clocks in with 7,746 cards.  This month there are only 84 new cards but you have to remember that last month there were more than 1,000 new cards.

4-22 was the date that this version of Forge was first posted on the forums.  Many thanks to the faithful developers :*)

Link - Forge 04-22 (Windows, Linux) 13 MB

Link - Forge 04-22 (Mac) 8 MB - Use Keka to uncompress 7z files

Link - Quest Opponent Icons - 1MB - The Mac version needs these pictures, put them in /forge/res/icons/ directory

Download - Card Pictures (160 MB)
These are most of the low-quality (LQ) card pictures.  You can download the rest of the LQ card pictures or the high-quality (HQ) card pictures using the menu on the New Game screen.

Java - in case you need to update or download Java

If you have any questions/comments, please post them to the forum.
Instead of blah, blah talking about the new cards I'm just going to show the card picture itself.  And of course you can admire the wonderful artwork.  (And yes this is way easier than typing a bunch of text myself.)

Many people helped with this version. A special thank you goes out to them:

Dennis Bergkamp
Friar Sol
Jeff Wadsworth
Chris H

Here are some of the changes.  You can read all of the updates in "changes.txt"
- Fixed Mox Opal.
- Cards with "CARDNAME can't be the target of spells." can no longer be targeted by aura spells.
- "CARDNAME can't be the target of Aura spells." will no longer protect from abilities of auras (like Chime of Night.)
- Fixed Dense Foliage.
- Converted Leafdrake Roost to generic aura + AF.
- Added Zirberts Zombie Pack 4.
- Fixed Treva's Ruins.
- Fixed Mage Slayer.
- Minor edit to the notes recently added to CF_Auras.
- Added a brG Landfall theme.
- Updated some themes.
- Fixed several misspellings, changed occured to occurred.
- Cleanup in CardFactory.
- Added two new parameters to AF ChangeZone: Mandatory and Chooser (see wiki).
- Converted Chittering Rats as an example.
- Made a few edits to finish the Squirrel Nest conversion. Most of the work was already done at some point in the past.
- Converted Chimney Imp to use "Mandatory".
- Converted Mind Swords to use "Mandatory".


Forge said...

This post should have been posted on Monday but I accidentally hit the "Draft" button. (Something I never use.)

Ramon said...

Any improvements in AI?

Forge said...

Maybe there were some small improvements for specific cards but the AI is basically the same.