Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spoils Reply

I'm surprised at the number of post in favor of a Spoils videogame.  I might start working it.  I'm going to take things slow and just work on getting 2 starter decks working.

I've very bad at saying, "I'm going to work on such-and-such" and then I never do it.  In the past I said that I would work on a Pirates game and a Star Wars game.  So while I might work on a Spoils videogame I'll try not to talk about it until I get something working.  

"Shoot!  I wish programming was easy", says the old man that lives in my head. (joke)


Alvaris Falcon said...

Do you have an email? I will like to talk to you something, privately, please share if you don't mind. :)

Forge said...

mtgrares {at} yahoo com

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