Monday, August 29, 2011

New Version

Forge has 300 new cards and a total of 8,764 cards.  That is an insane number of cards and it is great that it is in one free package.  Basically you could play Forge for the rest of your life without being bored.  (Well...if you are a card freak like me, you could.)

A listing of the new cards and be viewed here.  Scroll down to "Added many cards, including:" and next to "New Card List" click on "Open".

Some of the improvements that Chris H. mentions:

A new bug reporting system based on Mantis is being developed. When Forge crashes a new report form will appear that will allow you to send in a detailed bug report.

We would like to remove the old "Current Known Bugs" list topic on the forum. While this topic has been useful over the last two years it may be time to try another approach.

In the future bugs and other issues will be reported with the Bug Report form, the Mantis based Cardforge Issue Tracker or by posting a message on the then current forge beta release topic on the forum.

Some people that are using an early version of java 7 under the Windows OS have reported errors that state "Split must have > 2 children". Anyone having this sort of problem should de-install java 7 and install java 6 instead.


Many thanks to the faithful developers :*)  For a list of developers scroll to the bottom of this post.

Link - Forge 1.1.2 (Windows, Linux) 25 MB and can be unzipped with Winzip or 7-Zip (free, open source)

Link - Forge 1.1.2 (Mac) 26 MB - Use Keka to uncompress 7z files

Download - Card Pictures (160 MB)
These are most of the low-quality (LQ) card pictures.  You can download the rest of the LQ card pictures or the high-quality (HQ) card pictures using the menu on the New Game screen.

Here - Quest opponent and pet pictures can be downloaded.  Scroll to the bottom of the first post.

Java - Forge requires Java in order to run

You can move your decks files by copying them from /old forge directory/res/decks/ to your new deck directory.  You can also copy your pictures from /old forge directory/res/pics/ to your picture directory.

If you have any questions/comments, please post them to the forum.

Some of the awesome new cards include:

Forge has quite a number of people who have helped.  A special thank you goes out to them:

Friar Sol
Rob Cashwalker
Max mtg
Jeff Wadsworth
Chris H