Friday, December 16, 2011

Wizards of the Coast - Lay-offs

You want to work at Wizards of the Coast right? The place were Dungeons and Dragons is right around the door and is home to best TCG ever created. Even the venerable, Pro Tour commentator Randy Buehler was laid off, ouch!

I have a hard time understanding how Wizards isn't rolling in money because Magic Online seems like such a huge success.

Here is a link to those laid off.

Dork Tower, a free online comic, is great!

Rich Baker has posted his farewell on WotC's forums.
Today, Wizards of the Coast eliminated my position. I have unfortunately been let go, after more than 20 years of employment with TSR/WotC.

I still hope to write for the Forgotten Realms novel line as time and opportunity permit. In fact, I'm going to go home tonight and finish my second draft of Prince of Ravens. There may be some more opportunities down the road.

D&D fans... thanks for a great run. I hope I've given you some good gaming over the years. Your game is in good hands with Mike and Monte.

For fans of the A&A minis games, I would like to say that this does not signal the cancellation of any miniatures lines. I hope I can take on some of the design work on a freelance basis, but we'll have to see.

Time to splice the main brace, as they say. Good gaming, all!


Anonymous said...

That list was from 3 years ago: Dec 03, 2008 - 9:14AM.

I'll see if I can find this year's list

Anonymous said...

Summary of the past few years, plus the 2 confirmed layoffs this year (so far.)

Anonymous said...

wotc needs to realize their business model is outdated

it's why they advertise the hell out of the plainswalker's game on PC/XBL/PSN. People don't have the money nor want to mess with collecting cards as much as they used to. They just want to play the game w/o a constant flow of income impeding their opportunity to try out new strategies.

They're going to keep laying people off and losing money until they figure this out.

They're just as bad as the RIAA and the cost of printed CDs.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter it is outdated business model or wrong execution by someone somewhere... they will eventually blame piracy just like music and movies as I am worrying. I play forge as well as buying specific cards on ebay. I will never bother buying their booster or boxset again because I am done constructing all the decks I play and I don't care about tournament and etc. I play it just for fun.

Doublestrike said...

An interesting comment in that "farewell":