Monday, March 5, 2012

New Version – Dark Ascension and 10,000+ cards

Forge is awesome. It has 154 Dark Ascension cards and a total of 10,382 cards, which is crazy. The new user interface looks great and when you start Forge, it has a nice, modern menu (which is shown below).

And here is a screenshot of the actual game. (Click to see a larger image.)

To get to the deck editor, choose Utilities from the left-hand menu and then you will see the Deck Editor. Most people will also want to use the Import Pictures (also found in Utilities) which imports cards pictures from a previous version of Forge. You can use the Import Pictures feature if you don’t want to move the files yourself.

I do not have much to add, so here is what Chris. H. posted:

(Begin Quote)
We have reached a new milestone. All Modern legal sets are at least 80% complete and all Extended legal sets are at least 90% complete.

A number of bugs were found and fixed. The mana pool bug which caused crash reports was fixed. We also have a performance fix relating to static abilities. These reported bugs were also fixed: Avatar index bug, Quest opponent refresh, Avatar switch bug and Win streak (stats) not refreshing.

The UI has a few new features including the option to pick an avatars from a collection of pictures. This can be accessed from the Settings -> Avatars tab.

The organizational structure of the /res/decks/ folder has been improved and we now have these four subdirectories:


You can now buy PreCon decks, Starter packs, Tournament packs and Fat packs from the quest mode card shop.

The Forge archive includes a readme.txt file and we ask that you spend a few minutes reading this file as it contains some information that may prove usefull. We do tend to update this file at times and you should quickly read this file and look for new information for each and every new release. Thank you.

We have changed the archival format used for the Forge distributions from ".zip" to ".tar.bz2". There are utilities for Windows, Mac OS and the various *nix's that can be used to decompress these ".tar.bz2" archives. We recommend that you decompress the Forge archive into a new and unused folder.

Some people use the Windows application 7zip. This utility can be found at Mac users can double click on the archive and the application Archive Utility will launch and extract the archive. Mac users do not need to download a separate utility.

(End Quote)

Just another Pro-Tour wannabee,


forge-1.2.4.tar.bz2 (33.2 MB, at - for Windows, Linux

forge-1.2.4-osx.tar.bz2 (34.2 MB, at - for Mac

Forge Forum – in case you need to ask questions or confess your addiction to Forge :)

Download Java - Forge requires Java 6

Many people helped with this version. A special thank you goes out to them. (Attempted to list names alphabetically):

Chris H
Friar Sol
Jeff Wadsworth
Max mtg
Rob Cashwalker

Magic has some great artwork. Here are a few Dark Ascension cards that Forge has.


Anonymous said...

This new version truly is a very long jump from the first version I've ever played, can't thank all the people involved enough.

Anonymous said...

ty so much !!!

CardMinnow said...

This is such a great program, I've been using it for a while now, and really enjoy being able to test decks against a computer that atleast does something (granted, not a lot, but it tries).
Just out of curiosity, any plan to implement EDH/Commander? It would be fun to play that with the AI to test some stuff too.

Forge said...

CardMinnow -- "Just out of curiosity, any plan to implement EDH/Commander?"

No, but I have heard that people simulate Commander using the programmer menu, which lets you cheat by drawing cards, adding mana, etc..

Titus said...

I do not seem to be able to unzip the ar file properly. Winzip says that is "can't read the header" and 7zip produces an unrecognizable file of the same name as the download. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Titus said...

Ignore my previous question about unzipping the file -- all is well.
Great looking interface!

crapsticko said...

Why is that under utilities tab, downloading LQ card pictures can only be done for 2 cards only? Not the usual Forge that I know...

talha said...

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