Thursday, July 19, 2007

10th Edition

Hi all, I figured I would intersperse some non-programming Magic articles here and there. Programming is really boring, especially trying to explain it to someone else. If you have never programmed, take by word for it. I do enjoy programming, but it is tedious.

Anywho…10th edition is officially out. It looks like a good many cards, around 50+, have new artwork. I like the new Giant Growth, but not the new Shock. Magic, and maybe all collectable games, inspire people to play with the newest cards available. I swear if Wizards of the Coast could make everyone forget some old set like Invasion, that they would release it to hordes of hungry fans.

Personally the whole black bordered thing doesn’t mean anything to me. (In case you didn’t know, 10th Edition is all black bordered.) Yes you to can own your very own black-bordered Serra Angel without paying those outrageous Alpha prices. I presume it is meant to entice collectors, who knows? I don’t own many cards, less than 100, and I usually only play with digital copies of them. I’m talking about MTG Forge, not Magic Online, paying for cards is an easy way to go broke; I program them instead.

Foil cards, also known as premium cards, won’t have any reminder text which makes them more appealing to everyone but your kid brother. (They will also have different flavor text for those who are into that sort of thing.) This interests me and now I want to download all the foil card pictures for the new core set. For some reason the Pokemon phrase, “Collect them all,” comes to mind, not that Magic players like to be compared to a measly kids game. After all, Magic was invented by a Ph.D in math, so it has to be good for your right? As long as Magic stays away from reverse foil, super rare cards (one in every booster box!!!), I think we will be alright.

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