Friday, August 10, 2007

MTG Forge – Crazy Draft Version

I really enjoy playing limited games on MTG Forge. Sealed is a nice challenge and is fun because I win and drafting is a harder challenge, but still very winnable. And best of all no money is exchanged for little bits of colored cardboard, you know what I mean right? Ok down to my point, I released a new version of MTG Forge called “08-06-mtgforge-crazy-limited” that lets you play draft and sealed with all of the cards with no rarity. You will see a Mox Jet as often as Llanowar Elves. As always you can download MTG Forge from

This type of flat rarity makes draft/sealed games more explosive than monkeys fishing with dynamite. Do you draft a duel land or a big, game-winning creature? The decisions are hard, but a lot of fun. No real archetypes exist since you are seeing cards from a pool of 400. I wanted to call this release of MTG Forge “Johnny Edition,” but I doubted anyone would know what I was talking about. column “House of Cards” writer, whatever his name is, writes articles that related to “Johnnys.” Supposedly Johnnys like surprises and crazy combos, but I’m not sure.

Also a word of warning, it is harder to win. Instead of winning 95% of the time, you will drop to about 70% because sometimes the computer will drop some bombs and there is no way to recover. So yes you will probably lose a fourth of all your games, get ready to be served.

I did do a few bug fixes. Akroma, Angel of Fury now has flying. I thought Akroma, Angel of Wrath was hard to cast at 7 (5WW), but she really costs 8 (5WWW). Animate Dead and Beacon of Unrest didn’t set the controller of the card correctly, so things like Soul Warden would give your opponent life instead of you. And the computer could target artifact creatures with Ashes to Ashes, which is a no-no. Ashes is an insane card, it basically destroys TWO creatures for only 5 life. I think it is even more unfair than Wrath of God. I removed Ashes from the sealed and drafting card set.

Once I drafted two Serra Angels, two Moxes, and two Glorious Anthems. It was a thing of beauty. What was your craziest draft?


Seth said...

I figured you had just adjusted Akroma's CC down since she doesn't have all her usual abilities (first srike, prot B/R).

Forge said...

True, that might be more realistic. Having to wait until that 8th mana is grueling but Akroma is still that good. You can change the cost of Akoma by changing the file "cards.txt"

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