Monday, August 13, 2007

Remembering Card Names

I love reading and comparing Magic articles. Does this writer agree with that one? Do they have the same opinion on anything? But I do detest having to look up about half or more of the cards to see what they really do. Yes we all know Shock deals 2 damage, but what does Sudden Impact do? I remember most cards by their art and I presume most other people do the same. I do tend to remember the card better if I have actually played with it.

To look up cards I could just click on the card, but I’m not online all the time, so I just use Apprentice. It may not be fancy, but it gets the job done. A few online stores show you the card text when your mouse is over that card, which I think is great. You can quickly lookup the cards you don’t know without all the cutting-and-pasting that I do.

I could do a whole side project that takes a web page and adds all the info when your mouse hovers over a card. I probably won’t, but it still would be a fun project that hopefully would be used by other sites also. I personally don’t know much about Javascript but it is supposed to be easy right? Just my two cents. :)

How many card names do you know?


Palmax said...

We have a lot of card names in our minds.

Now I remember "Rebuff the Wicked". This card is so good.

Forge said...

I know a few card names, certainly the most popular cards, but sometimes the specifics escape me. I have to lookup alot of cards, lol.