Friday, October 5, 2007

Lorwyn Is Here

I feel like Paul Revere, and I paraphrase, “Lorwyn is here, Lorwyn is here.” Well at least the card pictures are here. This webpage has visual spoilers for every Magic set and personally I’ve downloaded them all, just so I can peruse them at my leisure. Unfortunately the Lowryn spoiler isn't up yet, so you have to settle for the random picture spoiler here.

For those of you who want to understand Lorwyn at a glance here is the lowdown. Tribal is back. Elves, goblins, elementals, shapeshifters, giants, and kithkin are all types of creatures that you will see. Each race is comprised of two colors in order to add more variety to the game. For example, there are green as well as black elves. Elementals and shapeshifters are “sub-races” that are sprinkled throughout all 5 colors. A few new sorceries and enchantments also have a creature type like Elf or Goblin. And lest I forget, Planeswalkers are new also. MTG Forge has 3 of these very fine cards and you can download it from

Every block has some sort of mana fixing, and Lowyn is not an exception. As Ravnica’s duel lands rotate out of Standard, a new cycle takes their place. There are 4 other lands like the one below that reward you for playing tribal decks. (Yes, the lands are rare also. Rare lands are tough on the checkbook.) Who will win, the green Elves of Lockwood Forest or the black zombie Elves of Bayou Canyon? Tune in next time for the exciting result.

Gilt-Leaf Palace
As Gilt-Leaf Palace comes into play, you may reveal an Elf card from your hand. If you don't, Gilt-Leaf Palace comes into play tapped.
tap: Add B or G to your mana pool.

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