Monday, October 1, 2007

My Job Interview With Wizards

Congratulations to me, I had a phone interview with Wizards of the Coast. I e-mailed Wizards about my program MTG Forge and they seemed a little interested. I hope to be hired as a programmer or at least a computer guy of some type, hey somebody has to keep those printers working.

The two people interviewing me were Elf, the lead programmer of Magic Online, you can look up his real name if you really want to, and some HR lady that had a British accent (sorry I forgot your name). Elf also said that he helped develop Marvel and DC’s VS game, cool. As a joke I wanted to ask Elf did he ever use goblins, but I didn’t have the courage to.

The funniest part was when Elf asked, “Why did you program MTG Forge?” And I said something like, “Well it let’s me play with expensive cards that I don’t own.” Elf sort of laughed and said that Randy Buehler (head Wizards guy) would have a fit if he heard my answer. I was telling the truth though. Who really owns a copy of Library of Alexandria?

All in all the interview went fine and I made small talk by asking how much did it snow in Washington. For what’s its worth, they said Washington was pretty moderate, since it is near the ocean, and it only snows once in awhile, who knew? I live in sunny, sunny, hot, hot Florida, so I think anything above Georgia is north. Hopefully I’ll be hired, but if not, I can always brag to my friends about the time I almost got a job at Wizards.


Nanocore said...

Fantastic and congratulations on what may be an extremely good opportunity for you. It is exciting to see a developer get acknowledgment for something they have done, definitely justifies the time you have spent on it. And in this case, you may get to marry your love of Magic and programming with money.

Not to bring down your moment, but by chance, did they happen to mention anything about not allowing your development to be shared openly anymore?

bryanc said...

Congrats on the interview! Hopefully this wont slow any progress on Forge.

It's true that Renton is fairly mild but Washington is not. The Cascade mountain range creates a nice rain shadow so the west coast is mild and damp and the eastern side of the mountains is desert.

You were right, WA is definitely north. There are glaciers here, it snows, and in some areas it gets down to -20 F. But there are also sand dunes, plenty of lakes, rivers, and, of course, ocean. WA is an amazing place and I would be happy to show you around if you get the job and move here.

moprix said...

You just became my hero...

Forge said...

To answer your question

Not to bring down your moment, but by chance, did they happen to mention anything about not allowing your development to be shared openly anymore?

Nope, it was never brought up. They only asked me to point out what makes MTG Forge so great, and I think I did a good job of doing that. They didn't mention anything else about my program.

moprix said...
You just became my hero...

LOL, great comment.

I doubt the job will really pan out, but it was a positive event in my life. I just thought everyone would like a little change of pace instead of me only talking about programming and Magic.

Anonymous said...

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