Saturday, December 6, 2008

Find Free Ebooks - Great AI and Programming Resource

This is a little random but I found this great site that lets you search for free ebooks online, pdf or doc formats. I just randomly searched for "Java Intelligence" and found these two great books. Granted I also found some guys resume, but this is the best AI information that I have ever found on the Internet.

EBook Search Engine


juzamjedi said...


Thank you for the link I have not seen this before. I searched for an eBook on Python and found one that looks promising. If you are interested search for thinkPP.pdf


gyom said...

Just like you learn programming by using different languages before deciding to use Java for your current project, the basic concepts of artificial intelligence aren't bound to Java.

There is a great book by Russel and Norvig called "Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach" that covers a lot of material about, well, more classic AI topics that don't involve heavy statistics.

Anyways, I might be stating the obvious, but maybe the details of Java implementations might cloud the exposition of basic AI ideas and you'd learn them more easily by reading an AI book and then trying to code the thing with Java.

Forge said...

gyom you make a good point. Reading about "AI and Java" is different than just reading about just AI.