Friday, December 26, 2008

Who Uses MTG Forge?

This question pops occasionally pops into my head and I’m not entirely sure what the answer is. So who does use my program? Players who are cheap? (That would be me!!) Players who don’t use Magic Online (Me again, lol.) Players who use land destruction and other mean decks. (Sometimes I do.) Players who are afraid of losing to another human player since their ego is so small. (Definitely me.)

Primarily, I would guess that the people who download and play MTG Forge are the casual crowd who just want to have an interesting, fun game of Magic. Yes winning is important, but having fun is more important. I enjoy winning and losing in an awesome, blow-up-the-world fashion. I love the games where the computer surprises me or I win with 1 life left. My goal is not to just win or lose, it is to get there in the most spectacular, remarkable way.

I also play MTG Forge to use great rares like Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Kokusho, the Evening Star, cards that I could/would never buy in real life. Playing with Korlash, Heir to Blackblade also lets me get a feel for cards that people are currently talking about. I also enjoy the crazy sealed deck and drafting games. Which card is better to draft, Mox Jet or Kokusho? Lol I don’t know, they are both awesome cards. I play Magic, and MTG Forge, in order to experience something. Why do you play Magic?

Maybe new players use MTG Forge but it seems like most users know the rules of Magic pretty well. Some players who haven't played in awhile have written me e-mail like, "Wow, Magic has sure added a lot of cards since I've played."


Anonymous said...

I use it occasionally for some of the reasons you've mentioned. To practice drafting (which I suck terribly at), to build crazy decks that might not work without buying new cards, and to play with cards I'd never want to spend large sums of money on. I'm never going to own alpha dual lands and moxes! :P

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I use MtG Forge primarily because it is the only Magic outlet other than the old microprose game that is available unless you know people to play Apprentice with or can play with MTGO..which as I've noted a few times has made itself inaccessible to those of us who are not wealthy enough to own "good" machines. It is also a program that lends itself to those who are willing to dish out cash for tickets (often until you can win enough events to trade packs/cards for tickets) and packs (occasionally).

So for me MTG Forge is a good alternative to not playing at all. :)

Well I just got the silly free promo packs from WOTC in the mail via my GF who just assumed I'd want them. Not much I can do with 2 30 card packs but meh its the thought that counts. :D

Anyway I love the possibilities that MTG Forge represents.

Anonymous said...

I don't actually use MTG Forge (have enough trouble dealing with my own bugs, thank you very much, I don't need other peoples' bugs floating around in my head as well! :P), but I'd imagine my original interest in Incantus is very similar to people's interest in MTG Forge... not only being able to play with cards you don't have/can't afford in real life, but being able to fiddle with deck construction by typing a few lines and see how cards work in an environment where the computer keeps track of niggling things like triggers and replacement effects for you.

In Incantus, there's also the added bonus of being able to playtest custom cards in this environment... if you have access to the card editor and Magic Set Editor (or I suppose you could make a simple placeholder card image, but MSE does a much better job :P). I was able to create some cards for a custom set, then insert them into the program and playtest them against actual decks to check balance.

Anonymous said...

MTGForge is perfect to get in a quick match in between (over the lunch-break, before going to work, etc.).

Sometimes it's tricky to find a human opponent, makes it very easy with MTGForge. It's also a really good tool to playtest some balance in your decks

I also enjoy programming new cards for it. In fact, I enjoy it more than playing the actual game :)

Anonymous said...

In my family, group of friends etc I am the weird and crazy guy!
I am the only one that likes my food flame trowingly(if that's a word) spicy I am the only one that uses Linux instead of windows and I am the only one that likes MTG.
I tried to convince a few of my friends to try the game with no luck at all pushing my rank on the weirdos list higher.
I tried MTG online ver. 2 which i found to be a nice thing until I discovered that every time I was about to win the other guy logged out quickly so it won't count as losing for him(her)
That is why i will never pay to be able to play MTG online ver. 3
By using your game I'm forcing the computer(violating or raping the CPU and memory chips) to play with me as that's the only way for me to play MTG!
Thank you for creating this program as I really enjoy using it(every now and then).
My daughter is only 4 1/2 years old, but she'll grow up and hopefully she will play whit me one day! :D

Thanks again for creating this program

Forge said...

I've only played 3 matches in real life and I don't have the Internet (not that my computer could support Magic Online 3.0). MTG Forge is just an extension of Shandalar that lets me play with newer cards. MTG Forge also simulates sealed games and drafting, which is very different in case you have never played those types of games before, like me.

MTG Forge is also cheap, lol. I can play with all the rares I want without braking the bank.

Unknown said...

I get to play magic in real life only about once or twice every couple weeks. Sometimes it's FNM, sometimes it's just kitchen table at my friend's house. MTGForge was a perfect "Solitaire" - style of practicing, and keeping my magic mind functional.

Gando - those promo packs are great - I finally got to complete a playset of llanowar elves, I had been "borrowing" the Elf/Goblin Duel Deck ones for my T2 Elf deck.

SomeCrazyGuy - I've been teaching my daughter Magic since she was about 4 1/2 she's 6 now. We play with some custom cards I made with Magic Set Editor that teach the fundamentals of the game. I designed icons to represent abilities like flying, (wings) but with "reminder text" for you, and when she's ready she'll recognize the words. I chose five simple creatures and two simple spells for each color. They were designed as 30-card mono-color decks. So far we have only played the white and green ones, but I also recently meshed them together into a Gw and a Wg deck. You would be surprised how often I've lost... granted I'm telling her what to do half the time.... My goal is for her to never be tempted to sling a YuGiOh card... some of the older kids at her daycare play it, and I don't want to open that can of worms......

Forge - I can't believe you've only played 3 matches and are still playing this game. That right there speaks volumes about the Magic phenomenon....

Happy new year!

Forge said...

I did play Magic Online for awhile and it was great. I always wished that I had more rares though, so voila, MTG Forge was born.

Forge said...

Well when I played Magic Online I tried to make decent decks out of mostly commons which kind of sucked. Now that peasant Magic is officially endorsed online, using just commons you can have a better time online.

Anonymous said...

Trading is where it's at. In real life, at any rate, you can find someone willing to trade for almost any card, as long as it's not a keystone of (one of) their deck(s). I got something like two dozen rares just for "junk" cards I had lying around because they served useful purposes... I just couldn't use them/didn't want them in my deck.

Also, I don't think anything beats simply getting booster packs. There's nothing quite like pulling a Quietus Spike out of a Shards of Alara booster pack and immediately going "I have an idea for a Shadow-based deck..."

Forge said...

I would love to try to code some sort of Magic RPG where you buy booster packs and maybe trade for cards.

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