Thursday, February 19, 2009

Posts Once a Week

I love posting twice a week, but I'll going to scale it back to just one post a week. I may post something extra occansionally, but I don't want to commit myself to anything.

And as a side note, what do you think of Conflux? What do you like or dislike about it? Personally I don't have much feelings either way because I enjoy programming Magic. I haven't played a real, cardboard game of Magic in awhile.


Syeon said...

I just stumble upon your blog and note about what you are trying to do. This is just so amazing.

Thanks for your hard work... and keep it up!!

gregtron said...

Flux is ok. I had a great time at the prerelease when drafted three packs of Flux, and I think I would rather do that again than a mixture of Shards and Flux. I was skeptical about the five color theme at first, but stuff like Rupture Spire and Mana Cylix made it easy for me to get my Fusion Elementals out fairly early on a regular basis.

It's made some interesting changes to my Type II deck, also, giving me Hellspark and Banefire.

Forge said...

Thanks Syeon.

I don't really play Magic in real life or online, so I don't get to "feel" a new set. I love the new card art and some of the individual cards jump out at me, but I don't really get to know a new set. I play Magic through my own program MTG Forge.

Forge said...

I also wanted to thank everyone that has contributed to MTG Forge. The forums have been a great addition.

Unknown said...

I did my first ever draft after the Conflux Release party at my local store. The draft was S/C/C, and the consensus of the veterans in the group was that it would be better off as S/S/C.

On the whole, I like Shards block a lot, because of the smaller sets. It feels like I actually have hopes to collect more of the set. I don't need to buy a box just to get at least one of all the uncommons and commons.

It really feels like Conflux was nerfed by Wizards, just to fit in the small set space. There are a lot of cool cards, but not a lot of "expansion".

BTW, I now evaluate cards by "Could I program this in MTGForge?". And for that, Shards and Conflux offer a lot more opportunity, because there are more cards with basic effects and abilities.

Forge said...

I love the question "Could I program this in MTGForge?", it is like a brain teaser. How can I program this card using anything, including insane, messy programming, and how can I program this card cleanly.