Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post your questions and topics

I'm not sure what to write about next, so feel free to post your questions and topics. It seems like I've covered everything even though I know that isn't true. I'm slowly working on version 2.0 and how the cards will (hopefully) be just plain text instead of hardcoded into Java.

Royal Assassin

Type: Creature - Human Assassin
Cost: 1BB
Resolve: summon creature, 2/2

Type: Activated Ability
Text: tap: Destroy target tapped creature.
Cost: tap
Target: creature - tapped
Resolve: destroy creature


Anonymous said...

if I remember correctly Royal assassin should be 1/1

willow said...

How about discussing that subject I posted at slightlimagic ?
(untap and upkeep)

Forge said...

1/1 yeah, that is what I get when I write things off the top of my head. I can write thousands of lines of code OK but I can pseudocode I card, arg.

Willow, sounds good.

Belin said...

I think this question might not be what you're looking for but.. I'd really like to know. XD Is it normal that Quest Mode "glitches" after you reach&beat the last 'level'? Because I think it'd be great if we could keep playing even after we reach the Magic Secret Level, but after I beat the PC again on that level, if I try to "Quit Game" at the end screen, the "You have won new cards." popup will show, but it won't take me back to the main quest screen.

Belin said...

By the way, it's "Luke" here. I totally forgot I had a Blogger account. :P

Belin said...

Also, as for an actual topic for a future post... I think it'd be interesting to know a bit more about how Phases work in actual code, what are the future plans for Phases on MTGForge, the complications behind it... I've been curious about it. :o

Forge said...

Is it normal that Quest Mode "glitches" after you reach&beat the last 'level'?

I did notice this error also. I think it is fixed in the lastest version.

Forge said...

What I mean is, fixed in the lasest beta version which is only posted on the forum but I will post soon to the official project site on Google.

Belin said...

I've been browsing the forums under "Vecc" ever since I found out about it - and that's great news! :> I've had version 04-04 on my PC for a while now, only didn't have time yet.

Thanks a bunch! \o/