Monday, May 11, 2009

New Version

MTG Forge now has 1606 cards, which is about 100 more cards than the previous version. All the credit goes to Dennis and Chris from the forums. It is nice to sit back and let someone else do all of the hard work, lol. MTG Forge now has a ton of new creatures that have protection.

MTG Forge now also supports deathtouch and changeling. Deathtouch makes attacking and blocking more complicated while changeling helps Shapeshifters fit into any tribal deck. I had Avian Changeling in my quest deck and I kept fetching it with abilities that got Mercenaries. MTG Forge also has the brand new card Jenara, Asura of War which is a killer. (I should know because the computer has beaten me with her.)

Questing is improved. (MTG Forge has a quest mode where you start out with a few cards and then you win more cards.) The AI quest decks are divided up into easy, medium, and hard. When you play on the easy mode, you face 3 easy decks, 3 medium decks, and 4 hard decks. In the medium, hard, and very hard modes you win new cards after you win or lose 2 matches, this should make these modes a little bit easier.

You may also want to download the token art which is the real artwork from Wizards. And if you are having trouble downloading the card pictures, I have a link below. And for those who want to know, this is just the 05/03 version that was posted on the forums. (Yes the forums get the new version before anyone else.)


MTG Forge 05-06 (2 MB)

Token Art (1.5 MB)

Readme (which is included in the main download)

Card Pictures (41 MB)

List of changes:

- Merged rares' quest changes code (if I understand correctly, AI opponents encountered are divided between easy, medium and hard), and included Chris' latest quest files.
- Fixed lands with tap abilities being able to use mana to pay for those abilities (Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, Kher Keep, Pendelhaven, etc.).
- Added different images for basic lands (change them to your favorites in card-pictures.txt).
- Fixed some problem with fetching Rebels/Mercenaries if cancel is pressed.
- Fixed Hush Cycling.
- Fixed Cover of Darkness.
- Fixed Guardian of Cloverdell AI lifegain?
- Lightning Helix cast by the AI should not cause crashes anymore.
- Fixed Stalker Hag.
- Added "Changeling" keyword (only works on creatures for now though I think?), and fixed existing cards that were supposed to have Changeling, thank you Chris for pointing them out.
- Added "Deathtouch" keyword (only tested this for a bit).
- Added "Protection from creatures" keyword (haven't tested this a lot either).
- Fixed Demonic Tutor (can only cast it during your own turn now).
- Fixed display of -1/-1 counters (it would show a negative number).
- Fixed Lockjaw Snapper.
- Fixed some issues with the AI targeting side of Oblivion Ring.
- AI Guiltfeeder should attack now.
- Fixed crash with Aether Vial for AI... however, turns out the thing is still broken, for now, don't put this card in any AI decks.
- Fixed Zur the Enchanter, will only be able to get enchantments with manacost 3 or less.
- Vampiric creatures should not receive +1/+1 counters as they're hitting the graveyard anymore.
- Fixed a crash with Faceless Butcher when its target is null, and the AI shouldn't play it when there's no targetable creatures in play...

New cards:

A lot (60+ if I'm not mistaken) more Protection from {color} cards (thanks Chris!)
Terminate, Unmake
Maelstrom Pulse
Jenara, Asura of War
Fable of Wolf and Owl
Sighted-Caste Sorcerer
Vithian Renegades
Steely Resolve
Cloudchaser Eagle, Aven Cloudchaser, Monk Realist
Commander Eesha, Beloved Chaplain
Wirewood Lodge
Bunch of deathtouch cards
Bunch of changeling cards


willow said...

Congrats on the new release!
Wagic now officially beats you with 1654 cards in the latest release :p

(We should create a protocol to have the AIs of various games play against each other :D)

Unknown said...

lol that would be awesome!

Tim said...

Which editions of magic does Forge encompass?

If it's more than one, I have a feature request - could the deck editor allow you to filter by edition?

And another feature request - is it at all possible to parameterize the random deck generation? So I could say something like "Give me a Red/Green deck" or "Give me a deck with mostly creatures" or "Give me a goblin themed deck" or "Give me a deck just made from Kamigawa cards" or "give me a weenie deck" or "give me a sligh deck" or "I've selected 20 cards, give me 20 other random cards".

Forge said...

(We should create a protocol to have the AIs of various games play against each other :D)

This is also a problem with chess AIs. I guess there is some sort of "universal chess AI" specs that allows different chess AIs to play each other?

"Which editions of magic does Forge encompass?"

Programming cards is hard so we program whatever cards we can from many different sets. MTG Forge is a hodge-podge of different cards from different sets.

"could the deck editor allow you to filter by edition?"

Many people have asked for this feature so I'll give it a maybe. I could possibly add another column to the deck editor that shows the set.

"And another feature request - is it at all possible to parameterize the random deck generation?"

Maybe in the future, right now the "random deck option" is well, very random.