Monday, May 25, 2009

Other Magic Programs

Today I don’t really have anything to write about so I’m going to talk about a few of the various Magic computer programming projects that I know about. (I have created my own zip file for some of the program downloads in order to let you quickly play these programs but they might have had additional updates.)

--These programs lets you play Magic against the AI.

Wagic – is designed for to be played on a Playstation Portable (PSP) but also works on Windows. It has around 1,600 cards. Download

Magma – has a very graphical user interface (maybe too many). The homepage is in Italian I think. Download

Deckbot – is text based but lets you play AI versus AI to test out the strength of a deck. Download

--These programs lets you play Magic against another person on the Internet but they enforce the rules like Magic Online.

Firemox – uses XML for the cards and has been an ongoing project for many years.

Incantus – has a nice user interface and probably has the most cards of any project, 4000 cards and counting

--There are other programs that don’t enforce the rules but let you play against other people. So these programs only function like a virtual tabletop.

Magic Workstation – probably the most well-known.

Apprentice – an oldie but goodie that not too many people seem to use.

OCTGN – this is a newer program that also has a blog

--Other Magic related programs are:

Magic Set Editor – which lets you create your own professional looking cards.

Nate’s Deckbuilder and Rulesviewer – lets you easily create decks for constructed, vintage, or of any other type. It also generates nice text spoilers. Download It uses 7z compression which you can get here.

Shandalar updates – Yes, that old Microprose program is still being updated. Download Part 1 (1.5 MB), Part 2 (79 MB)

Many of these programs are hosted in Slightly Magic's forums.

This article has the most links of anything I’ve ever written, lol. And in case you didn’t see the memo, you can play MTG Forge online here.


Forge said...

The Shandalar updates are pretty good, it has drafting. Just make a deck with 40 cards named "Draft" and start a new game, then the drafting starts. After you finish, quit the game and your picks are in a file name "human[0]-draft" and you can play against other computer draft decks.

Moxy said...

The online applet version is not available any longer. I really enjoyed that. I hope someone brings it back.