Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Booster Draft AI - Part 2

It would also help if the drafting AI considered the deck's mana curve. Having a smooth mana curve will improve any deck's performance. Below is a general outline for a good curve for a draft deck.

2 mana: 3 cards
3 mana: 5 cards
4 mana: 4 cards
5 mana: 2 cards
6 mana: 2 cards

One rule of thumb for draft decks is to have at most five spells that cost five or more mana. Also a draft deck should have a few powerful win conditions like Might of Oaks or Shivan Dragon. (In case you don't know Might of Oaks is a +7/+7 Giant Growth.)

I would love to draft against some sort of "reactive AI" that reads signals and everything but it doesn't seem very realistic. How does a real human player draft and how could I put that logic into a computer program?

While drafting in MTG Forge is easy compared to real life, it does provide the "drafting experience" that other games don't have.


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While the above is all true, I think focusing on more basic concerns are much more important. Please see my comments in the other Draft AI post.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts about Draft AI are in this post I wrote:

I would appreciate your(Forge) comments