Monday, October 26, 2009

MagicWars - Player versus Player

MTG Forge has been a very successful "small Magic program" so I try to inform my readers of other Magic projects. MagicWars is a great new program which lets you play against another person on the Internet and enforces all of the rules. The program was written by nantuko84 and you can post questions to the MagicWars forum. It has a nice shiny user interface with lots of eye-candy (unlike MTG Forge) and currently has 450 cards.

MagicWars has 100 cards from Zendikar as well as all 145 cards from Alara Reborn, which includes cards with cascade. Implementing a whole set, even a small one, is phenomenal. MagicWars has many decks that are currently running around in Standard such as Time Sieve, RW Reveillark, UB Faeries, and Cascade-Swans, which makes MagicWars appealing to players that want to playtest current decks.

I have previously written about why a good user interface is very important and MagicWars doesn't disappoint in this area. The user interface is very nice with pretty little icons that appear next to cards that have abilities such as flying and deathtouch. MagicWars also supports such advance features as transparent windows and changeable backgrounds.

The project is written in Java and is open source, so anyone can contribute. Nantuko84 also writes a blog.

(Warning Will Robinson, MTG Forge users should put on sunglasses before viewing screenshots with this much eye-candy.)

Screenshot 1 - game in progress
Screenshot 2 - deck editor

Download MagicWars

In order to host a game you have to manually type in your IP address. Below is taken from the wiki.

Just unpack archive and run bat file. If you need to host a server, change address in file

address=localhost to address=

and in (I will find out later how to set jndi on a fly from java) jnp://localhsot:1099 to jnp://your IP:1099

That's it! Have fun ;)


DennisBergkamp said...

Cool, ALL Alara Reborn cards, that is indeed impressive!

Shing said...

Eh 450 cards, there are many PvP magic apps out there that does not enforce the rules but have basically every card you want. You just play them like you would in real life.

Unknown said...

The UI is simply awsome. The only reason I have not used it is because I really do not have other folks to game with and I do not think that magic Wars offers an AI opponent does it?

All in all, I think the author of Magic Wars has done an outstanding job. Requests I would have for the future of Magic Wars are the addition of a good opponent AI, and maybe check in with the Incantus developers to see how in the heck they are able to add so many cards in so short a time and see if it might be something that can be done with Magic Wars.

Magic Wars with a 4k+ card selection mmmmm, card playing goodness.....

Forge said...

No, MagicWars doesn't have an AI opponent.

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