Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Huge Creatures

Magic is really all about the creatures and here are 10 fearsome creatures that Forge has. (I feel like this article is all "fluff" since it isn't technical or goes over any new ideas but at least it is about Magic and Magic is well...interesting.)

Listed in no particular order.

1. Death's Shadow - is insane since it only costs B. While the card is only playable if you have less than 13, just wait a few turns.

2. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre - while all of Eldrazi artifacts are tremendously powerful, I think Ulamog stands out with indestructible and annihilator 4. And when you cast Ulamog you get to destroy a permanent, well...that's just icing on the cake.
3. Supreme Exemplar - isn't very shocking but since he (is a flying lion a he?) is a flying 10/10, that is nothing to sneeze (or cough) at :=)

4. Lorthos, the Tidemaker - is another insane blue killing machine. It does cost a hefty 5UUU but when you attack with it, you can pay 8 and tap 8 of your opponents permanets (which includes creatures and land). As an added bonus, "Those permanents don't untap during their controllers' next untap steps."
5. Khalni Hydra - is gigantic. Like Lorthos, Khalni Hydra playfully uses the number 8. It has 8 G's in its cost and is a 8/8 creature. Khalni Hydra does have trample, so he is a real killing machine. (What good is a huge green creature if it doesn't have trample?)

6. Silvos, Rogue Elemental - is a prime example of an efficient fatty. It has trample AND regeneration, a lethal combination. Only a very few green creatures outrank Silvos.
7. Iona, Shield of Emeria - controls the board like few other creatures. What's better than countering spells, preventing your opponent from even _playing_ spells, ha.
8. Novablast Wurm - is very unique. It can act like an all-star blocker since it is a huge 7/7 or optionally act like a Wrath of God or Day of Judgment. (Does anyone know why Wizards renamed Wrath of God?) A very interesting card indeed. Combine it with cards like Rukh Egg that want to go to the graveyard for the best effect. 
(Rukh Egg was so fun that Wizards created a white version  for Magic 2011.)
9. Tectonic Fiend - is just a fun card. For 4RR you get a 7/7 but since the creature is "insane" it is always attacking. It isn't a game winner but it does shake things up.

10. Abyssal Persecutor - is a risky card but quite a deal, 2BB gives you a flying, trample 6/6. This card makes me smile since it is a black Platinum Angel. (By the way, flying and trample is my favorite combination, I also like flying and haste.)


sprechblase said...

Hey Forge,

very nice creatures you incorporated this time. Very playable, at least at my kitchentable ;)

Well for your question: Why Wizards renamed Wrath of God....

I think it's because the didn't want any connection to any real religion and therefore try to eleminate all asociated cards. And isn't Wrath of God the most "religious" card ever ;)

Damn you political correctnes .....

Forge said...

Thanks for the answer. PC, political correctness, is just stupid. I love the name Wrath of God and the black version, Damnation, both cards have a great name. (The wikipedia about Magic still talks about "Demonic themes" in the card art, boring...)

Forge is supposed to be a "casual" game and that won't really interest tournament players.

rising fruition said...

2: Ulamog: Even though the Eldrazi are colorless, they are not artifacts.

3: Supreme Exemplar: I totally missed this when I slacked off Magic around Morningtide. A 10/10 flyer for 7: nice.

4: Lorthos is just a game ender. If you have enough to cast him, you probably have enough to pay his tap 8 cost the next turn as well. Game over. (Duels at least)

10: Abyssal Persecutor. You better have something you can sacrifice this to because the opponent isn't going to kill it after they are at negative life. But there are plenty of ways to do that, so no worries.


ChadTroxel said...

Day of Judgement allows creatures to regenerate. It's a different card. WotC got tired of regeneration getting the shaft so there are less destructive effects in current formats that undermine regeneration.

Post re-upped to fix typos.

LiquidLink said...

10. Abyssal Persecutor: this is the opposite of Platinum Angel, no? "You can't Win the game, opponents can't Lose the game" ... other than an easy Beast, it's a possible broken leg for you the caster, being you can't Win the Game ~

Forge said...


Thanks, I didn't realize that Day of Judgement allows creatures to regenerate. At least green has a chance now.

Forge said...

Abyssal Persecutor, is an odd card that you wouldn't want to put into every deck. He is huge but he also has a huge drawback.

Unknown said...

Please, add Skyshround Behemoth, and Emperor Crocodile. How I can incorporate the new cards into my version of your programme. Should I download a new version every time? What have I do with the pictures in that case?