Friday, July 23, 2010

High Quality Pictures for Forge

Forge isn't very good at downloading pictures.  (I can say that because I wrote the code.)  Here are the high quality pictures for Forge.  Enjoy the earth-shattering detail.

Thanks to Kersed (from the forums) for uploading his pictures.

The pictures are compressed using rar so you need to have Winzip or Winrar.

Part 1 (180Mb):

Part 2 (180Mb):

Part 3 (180Mb):

Part 4 (80.36Mb):


Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! I only hope this won't attract the attention of any rabid dogs with suits, of the lawyer kind to be precise

Anonymous said...

Sea Scryer, a U 1/1 manasource, breaks the game. it locks up the match waiting for you to pour in all your mana.

Michael said...

Off topic, but how can I get a copy of the source code?

The Google code repository appears to be empty when I browse it or attempt to check out a copy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Michael: Check out the forums, there are a couple of alternatives there.

wololo said...

Michael: that's because the link in this blogs menu points to an old repository that was never used. The real forge repository is another google project

Norin the Wary said...

If Kitchen Finks is Oblivion Ringed and you Oblivion Ring that Ring to return it to play, it triggers the lifegain twice every time.

Michael said...

Getting source code from the repository is not a good solution, unless you are on the team trying to make the next version.

The code I got from the repository was broken, presumably because it's a work in progress. I cast "meekstone" and the whole game crashed. Now I can't even re-start it from Eclipse.

Whenever the game is distributed, the source code should be included. That way we have access to a stable version. Open source source code is next to useless if it's not stable.

Anonymous said...

I cannot download part3 :(

Unknown said...
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