Monday, August 2, 2010

New Version

It's a new month and you know what that means....well it means that there is a new version of Forge. A whole month has passed us by without war, famine, or Pinky and the Brain taking over the world. (Yes I still watch cartoons, eat it.) If I seem more random than usual it is because it's 2 am, the time that all "normal" people should be sleeping, slackers.

OK the real stuff, Forge has 150 new cards with a grand total of 3,572 cards. (You can view the new cards by opening up the Deck Editor and selecting "Sort By" then "Most Recently Added".) The first card I see is Dread Reaper (3BBB, 6/5, flying), a random card from Portal. Please note that the card text says, "When Dread Reaper comes into play from your hand, you lose 5 life" while the oracle text in the Deck Editor's upper window says, "When Dread Reaper enters the battlefield, you lose 5 life" which explains why you will lose 5 life if you use Zombify.

Other great new cards include: Leonin Elder (W, 1/1) which has the ability "Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield, you may gain 1 life." Auriok Champion (WW, 1/1) has protection from back and red and has the same life-giving ability. White also gets the flying beauty Admonition Angel (3WWW, 6/6) that lets you exile a nonland permanent each time you play a land, sweet!!!

Midsummer Revel (3GG, Enchantment) is just begging to be abused. You add a counter during your upkeep and you can sacrifice it to make X 3/3 creatures, X being the number of counters on it. Ifh-Biff Efreet (2GG, 3/3) finally gets its Pestilence like ability to damage each flyer for G. (I added it years ago with its damage ability because green doesn't get many flyers. I also love the name for some reason, Ifh-Biff Efreet.)

Delusions of Mediocrity (3U, Enchantment) is likely to pique somebody's interest: "When Delusions of Mediocrity enters the battlefield, you gain 10 life. When Delusions of Mediocrity leaves the battlefield, you lose 10 life." WorldSlayer (5, Artifact Equipment) is truly insane because when the equipped creature deals damage to a player, everything except Worldslayer is destroyed. (Talk about being a hard way to win, sheesh. I owned this horrible card online and never used it, nothing like a crap rare to make you question Wizard's sanity.)

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (2UURR, 4/4, flying) also has the ability "Whenever you draw a card, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind deals 1 damage to target creature or player". (This card was coded differently so it should work better.) Psychatog (1UB, 1/2) is a (in)famous card that lets you discard or exile cards to pump it up. I say that Forge doesn't have many complicated cards but it really does, Mishra, Artificer Prodigy (1UBR, 4/4) is insane. When you play an artifact, you can also search your hand, graveyard, and library for a card with the same name and play it for free.

I remember this next card from years ago when I first saw it previewed in a magazine, Crucible of Worlds (3, artifact) which says "You may play land cards from your graveyard." Forge also has Roc Egg (2W, 0/3) from M11 that transforms into a flying 3/3 if you can somehow get it into the graveyard.

Thanks to the following list of people for their hard work and patience.  These are the guys that are coding the new cards and squashing bugs.

Dennis Bergkamp
Rob Cashwalker
Beached As
Friar i sol
Chris H
Computer programming is like trying to tie your shoes while driving 65 mph. Computer programming is like making a movie, people watch it without appreciating the thousands of tiny details. And computer programming is all about details, that is why 1 / 2 = 0.

Usually programming only deals with integers or whole numbers and 1 / 2 does not have a whole number answer. You have to make one of the numbers not an integer: 1 / 2.0 = 0.5 which is why dividing by 2.0 gives you the right answer. And yes I'm sure that somewhere a student programmer has lost an hour or two on the problem I just described.

Now its 3 am and time for knightly night, bye.

I love the new pretzel M&M's. Go to Walmart and buy them in the box for $1, which are twice the size of the regular, squishy "paper" version.

From the cartoon Futurama: "The package delivery business has nothing to do with packages."

Downloads: (13 MB) - uses Java and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.  7/16 is when it was first released on the forums.

Low Resolution Card Pictures (100 MB) - put in your /res/pics directory

High Resolution Card Pictures:
Thanks to Kersed (from the forums) for uploading his pictures.  The pictures are compressed using rar so you need to have a newer version of Winzip or Winrar.

Part 1 (180Mb):

Part 2 (180Mb):

Part 3 (180Mb):

Part 4 (80.36Mb):


Anonymous said...

Well, it being late would explain the link to 0716 instead of the new 0731 ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Forge, awesome job with the new version. I really like the animations. Oh, and is there a way to set the default theme to Raven?


Forge said...

"Oh, and is there a way to set the default theme to Raven?"

If I understand the question, no, there is no way to automatically load the Raven theme when Forge starts. Maybe in the future Forge could do that.

DennisBergkamp said...

The 7/31 version does just that (it saves almost all of the settings, I think).

Anonymous said...

It might just be me but affinity seems to effect all cards after one card with it is played.

(i.e. Frogmite gets played for 0 with 4 other artifacts in play. then platinum angel gets played for 0 with 7 other artifacts in play.)

I'll mess around with it more to see if its just me.

Anonymous said...

haha.. updated java and it seems fixed ;<

so nvm to the previous post ;<

Anonymous said...

I got a problem :) somethimes I skip the main phases, so during my turn I can only attack

ChadTroxel said...

Worldslayer is not crap. Put it on an indestructable monster (like Stuffy Doll) and go to town. Sure it's not something you would use in tournament play, but so are a ton of fun rares. There are plenty of actually horrible rares out there. Like Alabaster Leech.

Mr. Clark said...

wont load on my mac 10.4

Forge said...

Forge tries to be runnable on Mac and Linux but I only use Windows myself. There is a guy on the forums, Chris h, who uses a Mac, so feel free to post questions to the forum.

Chris H. said...

Ryan said "wont load on my mac 10.4"

You should go to the Forge forum and download the latest version, 07-31-2010. The version you are using likely requires java 1.6 and your mac is limited to java 1.5. The more recent versions of forge on the forums do not require java 1.6, and instead only require java 1.5.

Anonymous said...

Good job with new version :)
Btw , add one "0" at Low-Res pics sizes . It says 10 MB,when is actually 100MB :p

Brett said...


I didn't know how else to contact you so had to resort to posting a comment.

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Ramon said...

thank you Forge.
By the way, works fine on Linux.