Friday, November 19, 2010

Jesus Follow-up

I figured my Jesus post would generate a number of comments.  Most personal blogs are so random that they are unreadable so I have intentionally focused on making all of my posts about Magic or programming.  So rather than diluting this blog, maybe I’ll start another blog where I talk only about Jesus (but I’ll probably sneak in some Magic stuff).

I realize that religion is a volatile topic and everyone has a strong opinion.  One of my favorite shows is House and he despises religion.  I also know that Karl Marx said that “Religion is the opiate of the masses”.  But neither House nor Karl Marx have changed my stance on Jesus.

The truth about blogging is that I have no idea what I’m doing even though I’ve written more than 100,000 words.  I’m just a guy who writes stuff for an unseen audience.  Yes I can look at the hit count and say that the average number of views in a day is 500 to 800 but those are just numbers and people are different than numbers.  To me blogging is just a big experiment and the only reason that I blog is to “advertise” Forge.

Thanks for your patience,

The new opiate of the masses is the Internet and before that was the TV.


Psycho X said...

TV is still a pretty big deal, along with movies and other forms of media. It's a demon in disguise.

Psycho X said...

Oh and also, you should feel free to talk about Jesus here if you want. It's your blog, and if people don't like that, they can leave.

Autor del blog said...

Hi. I am very surprise with this two last entries. I write from Spain (sorry for my mistakes writting english). I read your blog because I like MTG very much and your commments about the program and how to get a good AI, the pictures of cards that you use, the "state of the art" of other MTG programms....all is very interesting to me.
Well, I have never commented on your blog, now I should do it, because Jesus is the most important part of my life, too. Congratulations for your blog, and the last posts.

Anonymous said...

2 thumbs way up!

Anonymous said...

Generally your blog title accurately represents the content of your blog. Computer Programming, Magic: The Gathering, and Religion.

Anonymous said...

I myself am Catholic, and I don't have a problem with making mention of Jesus in this blog, though I think the blog itself is purposed for something else, if you catch what I mean. Glad there haven't been any stupid FSM references yet.

That being said, I like forge, and disseminate it to people in my immediate area often. Emailed you once though, never got back to me. :P

Anonymous said...

Legendary Creature - Human

WWW, Tap: Return target white creature from the graveyard into play.

When Jesus is sent to the graveyard, exile Jesus search your library for Michael, the Archangel and remove him with the game with 3 time counters on him. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When Micheal, the Archangel has no time counters, cast him without paying his mana cost.

0 (white card)
Michael, the Archangel
Legendary Creature - Angel

Michael, the Archangel cannot be played from your hand.

Flying, vigilance, haste, protection from all colors, shroud, indestructible

If Michael, the Archangel enters the graveyard from anywhere, remove him from the game.

Greg said...

Could you get Michael from your hand into play with Alluren or does that count as "Playing him from your hand"?

Seriously though, I read the comments on these couple of blog posts and I think it's really cool that while folks disagree everyone can be civil about it. Given the way most internet discussions go these days it feels like that's a miracle inofitself.

Anonymous said...

The intent would be that it cannot leave your hand and enter the battlefield after it resolves. Aluren might work around that since I'm not sure play only includes casting the card itself. if there isn't clear and concise wording WotC would use then I guess it would just end up in Oracle errata :p

E-mannen said...

Richard Dawkins
Creature - Human

When Richard Dawkins enters the game, remove all Angels and Demons from play, graveyard, hands and decks. They can not be regenerated.

All creatures with at least 1 levelcounter on them gains 2 more levelcounters. (Evolution)


Daniil said...

>>I also know that Karl Marx said that "Religion is the opiate of the masses”
If I don't mix things up, he also said "but it is the only heart of this soulless world". Quote might be inaccurate due to translation issues.

Unknown said...

I am incredibly pleasantly surprised by this last two posts, especially the responses to it.

I was at my local store the other day, and this old guy was saying to me and a friend that he thought we magic players were a pretty civil bunch.

I dismissed him at the time, but seeing this makes me think he might be on to something.

In any other non-religious forum, bringing up Jesus would lead to a massive outbreak of trolling.

Here I saw an amazing amount of civility and freedom.

Congrats all.

EVV - a magic player, a biologist and a born again christian...