Monday, November 1, 2010

New Version

This new version of Forge has almost 800 new cards and a world-bashing total of 4,890 cards. (P.S. Don’t ask me what “world-bashing” means, I just made it up.)

I’m just going to list some of the new cards without any rhyme or reason. Bubble Matrix (4, artifact) says “Prevent all damage dealt to creatures” so you will probably need an alternate win condition or try burning your opponent off the face of the planet. Claws of Gix (0, artifact) “1, sacrifice a permanent: You gain 1 life” will interest some deck builders like moths to a nuclear bomb.

Fortune Thief (4R, creature, 0/1) will always keep your life at 1 like Ali from Cairo. Fortune Thief does have morph and can be flipped for RR. Some people may remember Arcbound Ravager (2, artifact creature, 1/1) combine him with Disciple of the Vault to damage your opponent when artifacts go to the graveyard. Umbra Stalker (4BBB, creature, */*) its power and toughness are equal to the number of black mana symbols on the cards in your graveyard. At least it gives you one reason to mill yourself.

Download Forge (10 MB) – Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and requires Java 1.5 or higher.  This is the 10/19 version because that is when it was released on the forums.

Download (109 MB) - LQ (low quality) Card Pictures - delete your /res/pic/ directory because this file creates a new directory named "pic"

I’m sure there are other mind-blowing cards but you will have to find them for yourself. Download and enjoy.  --mtgrares

(For some reason Word 2010 wants to change "artifact" to "artefact", go figure.  Computers are .... weird sometimes.)

Many people helped with this version. Programming can be very hard and frustrating. A big THANK YOU goes out to them:

Dennis Bergkamp
Rob Cashwalker
Friar Sol
Chris H


Mike said...

can you please list the new cards...? big thanks for this release.. am a big fan!

wololo said...

Forge is catching up very quickly. I thought Wagic had "way more cards" than forge. We are around 6500 currently, Forge is extremely close!

Keep the updates coming!

oh, and "SSL Certificates" above me looks like some kind of spam bot.

Forge said...

Yeah spam bots are everywhere.

Forge and Wagic may have about the same number of cards but I bet that Forge has twice as much source code. Which isn't horrible but it makes adding new features challenging.

Fyn said...

Hi there! Im glad this exists! I entertain myself for hours bwith this.
Two bugs thougg: when the card images download (HQ), half of them arent there, and in game those cards are black.
On the other hand, theres a bug with Cover of Darkness, a glitch shows up. Maybe Im playing it wrong because one needs to write a creature type when its played (me writing something wrong).


Anonymous said...

Fyn, please go to the slightlymagic forum and post your bug report there. The developers are extremely cordial and active with fixes. Seasinger...finally it gets it day in the sun. :) Oh, and make sure to read about grabbing the SVN version of Forge. It rocks with the new Phase changes, etc.

Kite said...

Evolving wilds card now doesn't work correctly anymore. it puts the card you search in your library in your hand instad of in play tapped.

Stassa said...

Hi. Thanks for this update, I really enjoy Forge! :)

Is it possible to get the source code without going through SVN repositories etc?

I'm writing my own Magic player and I'd like to have a look at what you did with the AI. :)

Forge said...

Forge's AI is very, very basic but at least it allows the AI to use a wide variety of cards. You can search my blog for examples of how I programmed the AI.

Stassa said...

Actually I think that compared to Shandalar your AI plays just fine.

It sure manages to beat me... <:0(

And I like the idea of giving a little AI to each card.

Sorin Markov said...

For some reason, the version of forge I have plays swords to plowshares as the card+draw 5 cards.
I currently run it as W, sac a creature: draw 5 cards. Fixes, anyone?