Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magarena - A Smart Magic AI

I just had to tell everybody about a new Magic program that I found.  It is called Magarena.  It has 900 cards and a very good AI.  The computer can (and will) play instants and abilities during combat and at end of turn.  I "researched" the program very thoroughly and I had a good time playing against such a smart opponent.  Some of the games lasted 20 or 25 turns because the game AI was so good.  In those close games I had no idea if I would win or lose.

Magarena has a very nice user interface and looks likes a real videogame.  The user interface is much more graphical than Forge and has an elegant wood background.  Magarena also has "undo" which lets you fix a mistake or try to sneak something else past the intelligent AI.  Undo is a great feature because it is universally used and understood.

Magarena uses min-max for the AI and is written in Java.  Feel free to post your comments about Magarena to the forum thread here.

Download - Magarena's Google Project page, runs on Windows, Mac, Linux

Requires Java


Enrico F said...

Is it possible to use Forge's cards and decks in Magarena?

Anonymous said...

Magarena uses a directory containing JPGs for the cards. There is an option, if the cards should be shown in "internal" used size (312x445), or in original size.

The JPGs could be replaced with what you like.

Anonymous said...

why do you use LEAGUE OF LEGENDS icons like Zilean and Caitlyn?.just curious