Monday, December 6, 2010

New Version

The only time that I use Windows awful calculator (calc.exe) is to figure out how many cards have been added to Forge.  The good news is MANY cards have been added, specifically 1,339 new cards and no that isn't a typo.  Forge now supports an outrageous 5,441 cards which is enough cards to keep (most) people happy for the rest of their life.

The reason for the huge number of new cards is twofold.  One, it has been about a month and a half since I posted a new version of Forge.  And two, Forge went through a major change in the codebase (source code) which is good because Forge can support more cards.  Thanks to everybody that helped with this difficult conversion.  The additional good news is that a large number of bugs have also been stamped out of existence.  (Forge still has a number of bugs but the number is far smaller.)

Chris H (from the forum) mentioned quite a few changes and here are a few of them.  (I'm quoting from Chris so I'm not stealing, its borrowing.  Hey, if he ever starts up a blog, he can "borrow" from me, ha.)  For a complete list of changes, see "changes.txt"

Rob Cashwalker added code that can display different images for cards that are included in multiple sets. There's a Image Base folder, by default {ForgeFolder}/res/pics, but you can change that in the file. Under that, the three-letter set code as a folder, then the card_name.jpg. I'm giving some thought to also try the alternate mostly 2-letter code that the HQ archives use, if the other doesn't exist. Now supports pictures using MWS filenames and folders.  (mtgrares - For more details, post a question in the forums.)

Right now, there's no support for promo sets or duel decks. The primary impetus is to enhance the booster pack generation, (for draft and quest) with pictures being a somewhat secondary benefit.

Friar Sol added code that gives you and the computer access to the other phases that were missing in earlier versions. There is a pull down menu named "Phase Stop" that lets you turn off and on the various phase steps. The phase stop menu is available when using the new and the old GUI battlegrounds.  (mtgrares - Sounds good, many people have requested this feature.)

(Alright, back to mtgrares.)
OK, the good stuff, here are some of some of the unusual new cards that you can use.  Silent Arbiter (cost: 4, artifact creature, 1/5) which has "No more than one creature can attack each combat.  No more than one creature can block each combat." Scourglass (cost: 3WW, artifact) "tap, sacrifice Scourglass: Destroy all permanents except for artifacts and lands".  Platinum Emperion (cost: 8, artifact creature, 8/8) "You life total can't change.  You can't gain or lose life.  You can't pay any amount of life except 0".

And lastly, a card that will improve almost any deck, Pithing Needle. You probably own me 5 or 10 dollars since you don't have to buy a set of these yourself but I'll let it slide this time. :-)

On a side note, the decks that are named AI-something, means that the AI should be able to use the deck pretty well, since the AI has trouble using certain types of decks and cards.

Keep on tapping,

Link (11 MB) - Download Forge 11/30 version - The date 11/30 is when it was first released on the forum.

Card Pictures (150 MB) - Unzip these in your /res/pics/ directory.  These are the low quality (LQ) pictures. (This link has been fixed, sorry about the inconvenience.)

p.s. is the bets place to view high-quality scans of Magic cards.  The card scans are much better than Gatherer.

--Many people helped with this version. A special thank you goes out to them:

Dennis Bergkamp
Rob Cashwalker
Friar Sol
Jeff Wadsworth
Silly Freak
Chris H


Kronos said...

It's Saying the card pictures are a private file on the MediaFire.

Though I need to show you my thanks for such a wonderful Magic game. The only sad thing is that it is only single, do you know some good multiplayer magic? (w/ rules enforcement, sure)

Thanks again,

Unknown said...

Please set to publik
I'm very need to download pictures.

Forge said...

Fixed the card image download link.

sprechblase said...

Thx to you Forge and all the other contributors for making our favourite game so accesible, even when we have no one to play with...

Forge said...

Magic is just a great game that people should be able to enjoy even if no one else is around.

rmr said...

works fine on Linix. Thank you.

ssjskipp said...

Hey. Wanted to mention that Forge is wonderful. I'd love to *attempt* to port the GUI to Android OS, if you don't mind (I admit I probably will not finish it, but I'd like to attempt!)

Also, slight glitch. For some reason, whenever Wurmcoil Engine blocks, I don't gain the lifelink.

The Turquoise Mage said...

This is without doubt the best incarnation of Forge to date. The UI is more responsive and the AI much better. Still some minor issues with certain cards but otherwise a magnanimous piece of software for us Magic-heads. Thanks guys@@@