Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Still Here

(This is in response to the comments about my previous post.)

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.  For the last 2 years I've only written this blog and let other people do the coding.  Thankfully there are other people who want to do the coding and those guys have been phenomenal.

I"m looking for a real-world job and I'm thinking about announcing my real name on this blog in order to generate a few leads.  I just created a LinkedIn page and I'm thinking about creating a Facebook page.  (LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network.)

I've never coded professionally but I do have a bachelor's degree in computers, information science, from a state university.  Although I'm not an expert programmer but I do enjoy coding.

I still might try to "computerize" an old TCG like Star Trek, dot Hack, or Inuyasha and see how it sells for $10.  (I would get the parenting company's authorization before I would sell it.)


Filipe Francisco said...

Hello there

I've been following your blog for a long time (couple of years) and I found it
very interesting. The ideia of combine MTG and AI is very fashinating.
I've myself tryed to add AI to this game but its very very hard. In my oppinion the
current AI methods are no good for this game (min-max, neural networks).

If you allow me I can make some suggestions so that you can work on your dream (being a programmer):

1) Create an online portfolio with all your works
2) Join freelancer websites and start looking for paid jobs
3) Update your portfolio whenever you make a new work
4) Send spontaneuos emails to software companies. One might call you for interview
5) Suggest to any of those software companies to work for free, just for getting experience

I believe this can be handy for you. And never give up your dream! We only live once. Lets do the best
to live it our way! :)

Best regards

Tablassus Software
"Simple solutions for complex problems"

Anonymous said...

this is the second time you've mentioned selling a tcg computer game for "$10". i think you're a bit delusional. do it for free, if you get good reception from mainstream users then consider charging for a new version that is even better. right now the only audience u have is one that wants free stuff.

Elizabeth said...

Hi there,
I know nothing about computer programming, I am not even a very good magic player but I do know that my kids, my Dad, and I love Forge! A game that appeals to three generations of players ranging in age from 75 down to 19 is doing well in my book! You and the team can be justly proud of your achievements. Good luck with the job hunting!

Forge said...

--"Right now the only audience u have is one that wants free stuff."

Ha, yeah and I don't blame them.

--"A game that appeals to three generations of players ranging in age from 75 down to 19 is doing well in my book!"

Well Magic is just a great game and a "good foundation", you can only make great cake if you have great ingredients. It is daunting to create a new TCG from scratch that has 1/10th the fun factor of Magic.

Anonymous said...

If you made a computer version of the original Star Wars card game (Rebel Alliance vs Galactic Empire) That would be so awesome. I don't remember the actual name of the game. Quite old.