Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quoted in Wired

I don't know if any of you read Wired but it is a great mashup of computers and pop culture. I got tired of reading PC World and this is the only computer magazine I get. Plus it's super cheap, only $12 for 12 issues.

Wired's main article 2 months ago was about AI, so I wrote a short quip and they happen to print it. In the March issue with the gray factory picture on the cover, p. 19
Tim Rares complained, "You missed the best application of artificial intelligence: videogames. Without great opponents there cannot be great victory. The advances in AI make Need For Speed and Madden more fun to play. 
Tim Rares is a combination of my real and online nom de plume. :)

Additionally Wired mentions the TCG "Race for the Galaxy" on p.76. You can play a computerized version against the AI using this program.

Wololo said,
You've proven yourself that you could code a MTG engine. In my position, I would now either move on to something new, or keep improving/refactoring the exiting.
And I do agree with this.  New = fun.  On a side note I'm learning Clojure, a Lisp-like language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.  Clojure can use Java classes and likewise, Java can use Clojure.  Clojure's name comes from "Java" + "closure".

"To iterate is human, to recurse divine."  Random computer quote for coders.  It's sort of a joke but too hard to explain. 

By the way, Wololo wrote his own MTG engine called Wagic for the PSP and Windows.  Now you can use the mouse and you should try it out!


Anonymous said...

Why not use one of the .Net languages?

Forge said...

Because I know the Java library and not dot Net. Java can also do web applications like applets and web start which don't require the user to install anything.

Joshua Smith said...

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