Friday, June 17, 2011

82,000 Lines of Java

Forge has grown into a big project with 82,000 lines of Java code.  The bigger the project, the harder it is to add to it.  When you are coding a small project, you may code 500 lines a day.  With Forge you probably aren’t adding that many lines of code because the bigger the project, the harder it is to add stuff. 

Adding new features and cards to an existing project is much harder than adding features to a smaller project.  A big project requires you to understand what is going on, which is complicated because of the sheer size of the project.  I am very impressed that a group of developers are still working hard on Forge.  For instance Rob Cashwalker just posted this:

{begin quote}
Following on the success of the Draft mode revisions, I have just completed a rewrite of Sealed Deck mode.

Full cardpool, block and custom modes are supported. Custom sealed files in the res/sealed folder are exactly the same as custom draft files, except the file extension ".sealed".

A distinction may now be made between AI decks and Human decks, with the addition of a deck Metadata "PlayerType", which right now just helps by sorting human decks into the human combo box and AI decks into the AI combo box.

I fixed the main Deck Editor's bad behavior with cards reappearing in the top after clearing the filter. A similar change should be easy to apply to the quest deck editor. I removed the menu options to generate draft and sealed decks, as they are better built from Gui_NewGame. I also added my requested progress bar to the deck editor when loading the full cardpool for constructed mode. I hope to use the progress bar window for during program start-up as well.
{end quote}

(And yes I cut and pasted that just to increase the word count.)

Just played four hours of World of Goo last night.  You can download the demo from here (PC, Mac, Linux).

Stay cool,

Cloc was used to count the number of lines of code in Forge.  Cloc says the Forge project has 304 files; 22,000 blank lines (in the source code) and 19,000 lines of comments (more than likely this is old code that was commented out and never removed).

I’m seeing Kung-Fu Panda 2 right after I get done writing this.  I’m 32 but I still love cartoons.  Just last night I watched Teen Titans, it has great animation.  It is a little creepy when they have adult bad-guys, since they should only have teen villains.  And season 4 that had Raven’s story of becoming the portal for the ultimate evil was very good.  Samurai Jack is great also.


sprechblase said...

Dont worry... I'm 35, love to play magic and tonight I'm torn between Kung-Fu-Panda 2 and Paul - An Alien Escape... So cheer up :D

Forge said...

Kung-Fu-Panda 2 was alright, it had less story and less action than the first one. Some of the characters had more details but looked too real, aka not pretty, to look at.

I saw Paul and it was pretty good. It is a little slow but I enjoyed the absurdity of it all.