Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Report an Error

1. Go here:

2. Click "New Issue"

3. If you don't have a Google account, click on the link - "Create an account now".  You don't have to create a new Google email account, you just need a Google username, which is your existing email account like

4. Briefly search for existing open issues with key words from your bug report (e.g. "Sphinx-Bone Wand"). If an issue describing your bug does already exist, you can provide additional information in its comment section.

4. Post your issue by clicking on "new issue". You will receive a template that you can fill out. Under "version", write the release date.  The newest version of Forge that I have posted is 6/24/2011. 

If you downloaded Forge from the forum put the release date of the beta (e.g. "BETA 06/12/2011") or the revision you used to compile your Forge version if you use the SVN (e.g. "Revision 9875"; command: "./svn.exe info forge-svn").

Thanks to UnderFlow for posting these directions.

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