Thursday, September 20, 2007

Banned From Star City Games

Please pardon me while I rant and rave. Skip this article if you don’t want pure, biased opinion. I was banned from the Star City Games forums for one week because I advertised my program, MTG Forge, too much. Wow, talk about criticism. I did post a short advertisement in the Constructed – Type II forum and it has already gotten 500 views in only 3 days, so does that really sound off-topic? I just programmed 3 Planeswalkers, the newest, greatest cards ever, that aren’t even released yet and I get banned for telling people about that? Am I missing something? Star City published my article but they don’t want me to talk about it in their forums?

In the history of Magic there are only 4 notable pieces of software: Magic Online, Apprentice, Magic Workstation and now MTG Forge. A new piece of significant Magic software is written as often as your Mom changes her hairstyle. MTG Forge is absolutely free and I personally feel like I’m giving away gold here, although I’m sure some people would disagree. MTG Forge is aimed at the casual crowd and is infinitely replayable. (Your top 4 could include Magic Set Editor since it lets you make your own cards.)

So maybe people always get banned for doing something that they feel passionately about. Miles Davis made a few electric/jazz/rock/funk albums and people either loved it or hated it, but at least his work evoked emotion. I think everyone who plays Magic Online would have a good time playing MTG Forge. Help me spread the word!!! Have you ever been banned?


Nanocore said...

I haven't been banned, but then again I haven't created a program that filled a niche that others would be greatly interested in, if they just knew about it. Hopefully, this does not deter you from continued development.

Forge said...

No i'm not really detered. At first I didn't advertise my program at all. Later I did a few posts and people downloaded it. So then I started to advertise alot and it seems to annoy people. I would love to have a homepage for MTG Forge with a forum or two that just discuss MTG Forge and Magic.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the old Magic RPG (Magic: The Gathering). That thing was AWESOME.