Monday, September 10, 2007

Useless Magic Facts

Yes you can amaze your friends with obscure trivia this is probably correct. (Note: you will only astound your friends if they like Magic, if they don’t, well, get new friends.)

Well let’s start with some big numbers. How many unique card names are there? 9,148 This includes the unsets and vanguard. Same question, no unsets and vanguard. 8,847 Just answering a simple question like “How many Magic card are there?” is a tough, that is a lot of cards for me to count, ha ha that was a joke.

Onward, and upward for more useless info….processing….How many times has Wizards re-printed the same card in different sets? 5,379 For example Chromatic Star was first printed in Time Spiral but was reprinted in 10th Edition. My number might be off some, but it seems right. Wizards has reprinted a whole buncha cards a whole buncha times, all for flavor reasons I’m sure, lol. Why make up new cards when you can just print old ones?

How many cards have double X mana costs? 8 cards, Builder's Bane, Chalice of the Void, Conflagrate, Decree of Justice, Meteor Shower, Orochi Hatchery, Part Water, and Recall. What card has the highest mana cost? Well not counting Gleemax with a cost of 10,000. Autochthon Wurm has a converted cost of 15. No one pays the whole 15, that would just be stupid, because Auto Wurm has convoke.

How many cards cost 0? 36 How many creatures have a power of 6? 133 How many cards have a toughness of 4? 528 What card has the most single colored mana symbols? Rushwood Elemental, it costs GGGGG And finally how many cards require all 5 colors to cast? 10 cards, Atogatog, Coalition Victory, Cromat, Genju of the Realm, Karona, False God, Last Stand, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Sliver Legion, Sliver Overlord, Sliver Queen. I also remember that Bringer of the Black Dawn and his 4 bundies have an alternate casting cost of WUBRG. I’m not sure that anyone ever got a Bringer into play, but at least everyone talked about them, c’est la vie.

Thank you, thank you, join me next time when I count the number of hairs on my knuckles, good night.


Anonymous said...

Draco costs 16 colorless mana.

Forge said...

Dang, true. I was using some program called "Nate's Deckbuilder" and it didn't sort mana costs correctly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I actually have a deck specifically built around the White Bringer....and I ALWAYS have it see play every game.....sometimes on the 3rd or 4th turn if i'm lucky.....

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