Monday, September 24, 2007

Chandra Nalaar

Chandra is the 3rd planeswalker to be revealed and she is the most powerful so far. For a list of all planeswalkers and all known Lorwyn cards see here. Chandra costs 3RR and immediately pings your opponent for 1 or destroys any creature with a toughness of 6 or less. So all in all, Chandra will do something when she hits the board. If left unchecked for 3 turns she will deal 10 damage to you and to each of your creatures, OUCH!!! So you either have to win before she blows up your world or attack her with everything that you have.

In my opinion Liliana Vess is the weakest of the three planeswalkers. She needs your opponent (or yourself) to discard some quality creatures in order to return them to play. In general this is a weak strategy, but she combos well with cards like Damnation. Garruk Wildspeaker is a little better since he can generate three 3/3s or cast Overrun (all your creatures get +3/+3 and trample until end of turn). So Garruk would do well in a swarm deck, he works best if there are creatures that can be pumped up. Chandra is the best because she doesn’t have any requirements, she doesn’t need creatures in play or in the grave. Direct damage is always a surefire way to win and Chandra does that in spades. At worst she is a 5 mana fog.


Anonymous said...

Just think about that...
Liliana Vess + madness
Maybe she's not so weak, hum?

Anonymous said...

madness on the 6th turn??? No))
I agree with Forge that this card is weeker than Chandra and Garruk.

And the other way of using Garruk is having 7 mana on 5th turn. rather good thing, isn't it))