Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Beta Version

I just posted a new beta version of MTG Forge. (It doesn't download all of the new card pictures yet.) It has about 30 new cards and an updated user interface (thanks to Nantuko). You can see a screenshot of the new user interface here. Also thanks to Rob Cashwalker for the cards he submitted.

Download -


Forge said...

OK well at least 1 bug was found. You can't download any of the card pictures because I forgot to add the menu bar. 1 error found, 10,000 to go.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a dramatic slowdown running the program with the pictures. This could be because I downloaded the pictures on my own, and they might be a higher resolution than the program expects, but when I get to about 5 creatures out, there is a delay of 2 or so seconds between clicking on them, and their tapping to attack (which wasn't a problem in the "non-beta").

And, as I haven't said it in a while, thanks for your efforts in creating this software. It might not quite be at the "Shandalar" point yet, but it is a fantastic way to waste time at work. Keep it up!

nantuko84 said...

hm, I've checked it (by putting 1 Mb image instead of forest.jpg) and it still works quickly: actually it should, because the programm rotates already resized image got from image cache.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Aside from the lacking menu bar Im not seeing many differences...except that the commons/uncommons/rares/cards.txt that I set up are back to your base set...thankfully I installed the beta to a new directory instead of overwriting the older ones.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I moved the images from the older version to the newer version and suddenly I could see differences.

I like that the hand no longer needs to be scrolled immediately on the first turn though if you add in cards like spellbook or library of leng that could again be a problem.

On the other hand Id like the land pics to be smaller and Id also like them to be stackable so that when I have 6-7+ I dont have to scroll when tapping them for mana.

I guess the same will go for other permanents when they group enough...any stand off between decks may see as many as 20-30 critters in the font lines, so the card images will need to shrink further to fit such requirements.

Anyway nice job with what you've done so far!

Anonymous said...

During my main phase 2 I click ok. There is then a much longer delay than there was in previous versions of mtg forge.

Forge said...

The image code seem a little slow and a reader already sent me a faster version.

I added a "pump" keyword for cards like Looming Shade and on my home version I have added 70 new cards. This is how Looming Shade looks in cards.txt

Looming Shade
2 B
Creature Shade
no text
Pump B: 1/1