Friday, August 1, 2008

What do you think of Magic Online?

I used to enjoy Magic Online but I became tired of it. I didn’t have the expensive rares needed to build the decks that I wanted. I didn’t like people disconnecting when they were losing. And I didn’t like playing against pro tour decks in the casual room. I just wanted to play a good game of Magic, nothing more nothing less.

People are rallying against rares and have begun playing Peasant Magic online. Peasant Magic includes just commons. And while some people just want to win, win, win others just want to enjoy a good game against a fair opponent.

MTG Forge lets me experience the best side of Magic, casual competition. If I win, I feel good and if I lose, I laugh because the computer played the exact card he needed. And while it is insane for the computer to play Wrath of God on two consecutive turns, it does make me smile.

All games are influenced by the people you play with. You can play the dumbest game with your friends and still have a great time.

I never drafted online because I knew that I wasn’t very good. I didn’t want to waste my 15 dollars.

So what do you think of Magic Online?


Tony said...

I don't play it all that much anymore.. especially with version 3.0. I probably dropped about 100 or 200 into it... I just didn't like the fact that I can't feel the cards in my hands and play with them.. I also missed the human interaction... Plus.. as a collector, I felt stupid paying for virtual cards... I do admit though, it is _really_ nice to buy sets online and redeem them at a nice discount ... and they come in a nifty white WOTC box :)

Silly Freak said...

I also like feeling the cards in my hand. I never played MOL. At the moment I don't even play regular magic very much, but buy some cards eventually. so I think having real cards is pretty important to me

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I loved playing MODO from beta onwards until they wrecked it for my it just stalls forever when I try to do anything at all in it. I can sort of look through my 7k card collection but that hardly seems worth the effort. :/ Bitter? A little... said...

my friend makes cash of MtG online, but u can only do it if ur good enuf to get past round 1 in a tournament.
its like 4 to enter, and u get 6 if u win the first round or somethin like that. he's got so many cards both online and offline... and 3 of each valuable card from beta...

nantuko said...

Is it possible to join your project? I haven't found any address mail to:(

Forge said...

Hi Nantuko,

My e-mail is "mtgrares yahoo com" just add the @ and .

moprix said...


You spend $5 to get the avatar and every game is different.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

"You spend $5 to get the avatar and every game is different."

Last time I was in the trading rooms on MODO (admittedly a while ago) Momir was going for a lot more than 5tix...more like 15-25. Thats one reason I did not get one (I missed the chance to get one when it was cheaper.)