Monday, August 25, 2008


I wasn't sure how to get up with you, Telengard. I saw your post about programming the AI for Dreamblade. I played the computer demo for Dreamblade and it was very fun. Do you have a playable version yet? You can post a comment or e-mail me (mtgrares yahoo com).


telengard said...

Hey there,

Cool that you enjoyed the game. I didn't realize there was a demo. I wish more people knew about the game. It's very very similar to MtG with a few cool twists and very great looking miniatures.

Yep, I do have something that is playable but w/ the C++ port only the core rules (which is actually a lot [shifting, attacks, deathblows, spawning, initiative, etc) are currently implemented. It's also a console program which uses ncurses and runs on OS X and Linux. I'll eventually get around to building it on Windows and also putting a proper GUI once I'm happy with the design (which I'm currently deciding what to do with).

If you are still interested I can send it to you and explain how to launch it etc.


Forge said...

Yes I was like to try out your program and probably a few other people would be interested also. You can e-mail me or just put a link up to your program in the comments section.

I'm running Windows XP so I'll probably have to download some extra libraries in order to get it to work.

Hopefully you enjoy playing your own creation, I know I do.

telengard said...

Unfortunately it doesn't run under Windows yet. I'll have to install Cygwin and compile it under that before it can run under Windows.

I'll get going on that and get back to you.

And yep, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your creation come "alive". The AI is pretty fun to play against.


telengard said...

Been a while since I've posted here, but the app now runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, has a full GUI and tons and tons more stuff that has been added over the past (almost 4) few years.