Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bug Reports

I've resisted having a master list of bug reports, but it does seem helpful. I've started three threads on theses forums.

Major Bug Report
The major bug report thread is for any errors that cause MTG Forge to crash or are a major implementation error. Examples would include attacking on your first time with a creature with haste, this will cause MTG Forge to crash, and creatures with shadow being able to block non-shadow creatures.

Minor Bug Report
There will be probably many of these types of errors. Examples of minor bugs include trample not working when there are multiple blockers and if the computer has two planeswalkers in play, you can only attack the one that came into play first.

Card Bug Report
This involves anything that MTG Forge does with a specific card that differs from what the card should be. Some good examples are Bottle Gnomes not having his sacrifice ability and Control Magic being an Sorcery instead of an Enchantment. I have put up a list of all known cards errors in this forum.

Hopefully having a list of bugs will making playing MTG Forge better.


Forge said...

No comments, lol. I know, bug reporting is pretty boring.

Anonymous said...

Rock on!

(how's that?)

Anonymous said...

You should do a little work on making it more user friendly and attractive. Not as exciting as implementing new cards, but having at least a perfunctory interface will broaden your audience.

Jesse said...

I disagree with anonymous. I think currently there are a few different deck types you can make, but the number of cards severely limits how fun MTG Forge is to play. Also the AI causes the games to sometimes get stale. I would put the UI as near the lowest priority. The current UI is functional and doesn't have any glaring defects. It might give people a poor first impression, but I wouldn't put it as the first priority for MTG Forge.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Im not sure that increasing the card base at the moment is a good idea considering how many bugs we find daily. (As I recall the fewer the test cases there are the easier it is to debug things.) On the other hand there are cards I'd love to see in MTG Forge (Stonecloaker, Crystal Shards, Desolation Giant, Dust Elemental, Sensai's Divining Top (banned from extended?? boo) among others.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Oh and you can see some of my fake cards along with their original art some done by me more than 13 years ago here: http://gandothebard.deviantart.com.

Was going to post this earlier but forgot. In case anyone is wondering all the cards were rendered with MSE2 which seems pretty thorough for its functionality.