Friday, September 19, 2008

Updated Beta

There is a new beta version of MTG Forge with 869 cards. The only reason I call it beta, is because not all the card pictures download yet. Checkout my new Black Vise W/U control deck here.

What’s New
1. New Cards: Naturalize, Disenchant, Demystify, Castle, Convalescence, Black Vise, Alert Shu Infantry, Alaborn Grenadier, Archon of Justice, 10 original duel lands (Savannah, etc..), Storm Herd, Festival of Trokin (Yes it is a bunch of random cards.)

2. You can now import and export decks using the deck editor. When you export a deck it is saved to a file and someone else can import that deck into MTG Forge and use it. (There are probably a few errors lurking, but it seems to work. This code actually worked the first time and anytime you write around 100 lines of code and it works perfectly, it is unusual to say the least.)

3. Fixed: Shadow creatures being able to block non-shadow creatures.

4. Fixed: Regenerated creatures now become tapped.

5. Fixed: Sometimes you would draw more than 1 card.

6. Fixed: River Merfolk, its activated ability cost 0 and the computer would go into an infinite loop.

7. Fixed: Thunder Wall – it now has flying

8. Fixed: Creatures with flash in the cards.txt file, like Briarhorn, Havenwood Wurm, King Cheetah, Raging Kavu, Tangle Spider, Sentinels of Glen Elendra

9. Fixed: Soul Warden and Essence Warden. They had problems when you played multiple copies. (Thanks for the donated code.)

10. Fixed: Control Magic and Sower of Temptation, they didn’t reset summoning sickness, so you could steal the creature and then attack with it.

11. Fixed: Oblivion Ring and Oubliette, they now work correctly.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, downloading now :)

Nanocore said...

(in honor of 'talk like a pirate day')
Arrrrgh, that be good stuff!

Anonymous said...

When you introduced slivers, you called it the sliver edition. So now that you introduced Black Vice, you should call this the Black Vise edition, due to the enormous impact this card has on the gameplay in MTG Forge.
In the current cardpool of MTG forge, I would consider Black Vise the most "broken" card of all.
(Not that this will stop me from using it. Oh, no!)
This game just keeps getting better and better!
Well done!

Jesse said...

Yeah, black vise definitely changes the game.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm new to all this blog stuff. I recently downloaded MTG Forge and it plays wonderfully - however it does not have all the cards. Is this how the game is or can I add more cards to it? - Sorry, don''t know much

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Yes it is incomplete. You can add new cards but with very limited keywords (see the Read Me). Also it can be quite tricky to do right.

If you are a programmer there are currently a few people working on coding new cards for version 1 on the forums. Though so far no one has added them to the program.