Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Other Cards Are Famous?

I recently added Black Vise to the beta version of MTG Forge and people seem to really love that card. That got me thinking about other cards that people would really love to use. I don’t know the answer so you have to leave a comment but I’ll make an educated guess about some other great cards. Since MTG Forge lets you play against the computer, you can use unfair, one-sided cards like Black Vise without making your opponent mad.

Probably most of Magic’s most memorable cards like Ancestral Recall and Lightning Bolt are from the earlier sets. Alpha had many super powerful cards. I was thinking that Land Tax is probably as famous as Black Vise. You can thoroughly abuse Land Tax and almost use it as a win condition.

Winter Orb is a very nasty card also. Orb would definitely hurt any opponent. Mana Flare is a great, fun, build-around-me card that at least doesn’t annoy your opponent. Berserk is an odd green instant that can be used as a pump spell or removal, since the creature is destroyed. I remember the computer using Berserk as a removal spell and it surprised me.

Necropotence is a very powerful black enchantment that lets you a draw card while reducing your life points. And Skullclamp was good enough to get banned, I guess drawing 2 cards every time you sacrificed a 1/1 creature was too good. White probably has the most well-known cards in all of Magic, Wrath of God and Serra Angel.

What others cards are as iconic and powerful as Black Vise?


Gando the Wandering Fool said...

lets see off the top of my head:

Autumn Willow,
Blastoderm (and the later white version)
Ernham Djinn
Icy Manipulater
all the Jester's items
Scroll Rack
Cursed Scroll
Tradewind Riders (quite awesome)
Oath of Ghouls
Living Death
Survival of the Fittest
The Rack
Hypnotic Specter (and like cards)
Shadow Mage Infiltrator (and like cards)
Quirion Rangers (quite good support card, nothing quite like being able to double use a land, save it from destruction and or untap a mighty blocker.)
Mother of Runes
Soltari Monk and Priest
Voice of All
(the other voices less so but still great)
the Abyss, Drop of Honey (and like cards)
Time Walk (and like cards)

these are the most dominant cards in my memory.

Anonymous said...

Necropotence, yes!! Please! :)

And Hymn to Tourach. I'd love to play with a classic necro deck!

Thanks for mtgforge. It rocks!

Anonymous said...

Loxodon Warhammer.
In my group of magicplayers, if one of us has a new deck, there is one guy who always asks: "is it a good deck?".
What he actually means is: "Does it have Loxodon Warhammer in it?"
The card is just insane! A 3 mana costing artifact equipment that equips for 3 mana and gives the creature 3/0, lifelink and trample!

Umezawa's Jitte is also evil beyond messure!
On the right creature, it can take control of the game.

Nemata, Grove Guardian is also one of my old favorites. The ability to pour out heaps of saproling tokens and pump all of them by sacrificing one of them is just groovy. (excuse the pun)
And since we have the sliver Queen already, Nemata might be do-able in the current MTG Forge.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated again, but Impulse with one card in library doesn't work too well. And Thunder Wall should have Flying.

Forge said...

Its ok that comments are unrelated, lol. In the beta, Thunder Wall has flying I think.

Forge said...

I worked alot of version 2 last night. Not much is working right now but a lot of good stuff is going on behind the scenes and the code is very clean, which is really love.

Anonymous said...

Translation for us non-coders:
V2 is now in diapers and has not soiled them yet. *big grin*

Anonymous said...

Fact or Fiction

Forge said...

Like when you are building a house you have to start with the foundation and build on it, the same thing applies to computer programming. I remember taking these baby steps with version 1. Some of you may remember the time the computer didn't care about the color of the mana, it was tap a Forest to play a white spell. I posted the code for version 2 just to show that something is working, but version 2 is no where near playable, lol.

Anonymous said...

It might not be famous or powerful, but i've always had a soft spot for Elemental Augury.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm new. I haven't joined the forum but just found MTG Forge V1. It's simply amazing Forge. I think so anyway.

Anyway. Some cards that I play with now and love are the following, but I haven't seen in the game itself.

Reaver Demon
Dark Ritual
Seething Song (something like that)
Ignite Memories
Library of Lang
Ninjas (woohoo! all of 'em)
Ashnod's Transmagrant (I can't spell for the life of me)
Phage (you all know who she is, she's niiiice)
Door to Nothingness
Isochron Septre (again, spelling)
Holy Day
Heartbeat of Spring
oh oh.... ummm...

yeah... I could go on and on and on.

also a friend of mine (who plays and knows way more about Magic than I do) said the following about a bug that he found in V1.

If the opponent has slivers and he has slivers
the slivers aren't sharing their abilities.
I have no clue since I'm not the biggest sliver fan. I'm more of the Angel/Demon/Discard/Death/Burn fan.

Anyway. Great work with V1 and I look forward to V2.

If you need any assistance with graphics or anything let me know.

Forge said...

I'm glad someone things MTG Forge is amazing, lol. Working on version 2 reminds me of just how many man hours and weeks that went into MTG Forge. The total number of work hours is too many to count.

Version 2 currently displays 4 cards and increments life totals, yeah!!! It shouldn't take 200 classes to do that, but it does.

Anonymous said...

hey it's atombombchicken under anonymous again. haha.

in regards to your version 2 having the things you listed working, kudos to you! Some people get as far as only opening Notepad and saying.... "oh, look at the time".

Unknown said...

Any chance of Megrim making it in?

Anonymous said...

I just posted Megrim at in order to use it you will have to edit the source to MTG Forge and build the project yourself or wait till forge adds it.

J. W. Gray said...

How did it use Berserk as removal? It was willing to take double damage to kill your dude? That is an interesting idea.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Berserk on something unable to attack...very funny.

J. W. Gray said...

Berserk doesn't kill creatures that aren't able to attack.

Jesse said...

Here's Necropotence. You will need to add this code to MTG Forge and rebuild the project, or wait until it gets into a new version of forge.