Monday, October 20, 2008

MTG Forge - Minor Update

I uploaded a new version of MTG Forge but it is only a minor update. I think the only thing I added to the beta version were the 10 duel lands. Currently there is just a zip file but I will have the typical Windows installer uploaded by Tuesday. MTG Forge now has 870 cards.

This update has the complete source code and I updated the readme-compile.html file. I tested the source code twice and everything compiles like it should. MTG Forge will only compile with Java 1.4.

Remember to keep a copy of the file "all-decks2" because that holds all of the decks that you have created. If you still have the file “all-decks”, it is old and can be deleted.

MTG Forge comes with a “Quick Start” guide that answers common questions like how to target a player (click on the player’s life points) and how to download the card pictures (just look in the New Game menu). Just for fun I included an article written by Magic’s creator Richard Garfield that explains how he created the game and the early years in Magic History.html. You can read it here.

Download MTG Forge – includes Windows exe and Java jar for all operating systems as well as the source code

p.s. If somehow you are reading this article and you don’t know how to play Magic: The Gathering, download this demo and have some fun.

Windows Demo (85 MB)


Gando the Wandering Fool said...

Generally speaking I just delete Alldecks2 so I do not have to see all the starter decks and then import whatever decks I've decided to keep. Though as you said it is just as easy to keep an archive copy of alldecks2 from your old installation.

Forge said...

On my home computer, I updated MTG Forge to also allow sealed and draft decks to be imported and exported. Maybe I'll upload it in a week, I don't want release too many versions of MTG Forge and confuse people. This update also writes a text file when you export a deck so you don't have to type the deck's content.

I'm going to play around with adding hybrid mana, but we'll see if I can get it working, I may not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a TON for writing this program and putting so much work into it. I just discovered MTG (seriously!) and am absolutely hooked, MTG-Forge is fantastic, its really helping to get me familiarized with all the card types and general flow of gameplay. Btw - Love the Sliver deck.

Forge said...

I'm glad you like it. MTG Forge is a great program for new players since they get to experience so much of Magic's history. Slivers are great. The first time I used them was after I added them to MTG Forge. Rock on!!!