Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is MTG Forge's Goal?

Recently I kept asking myself this question, “What is the real point of MTG Forge?” Is MTG Forge trying to help people learn more about the rules? (Originally I envisioned MTG Forge as more of an interactive rulebook than a videogame after reading a question someone submitted about Mirrodin’s new equipment subtype. The person totally misunderstood the idea of equipment.) Obviously, one of my goals was to simply play a game of Magic but to what end? Was MTG Forge trying to be a tournament simulator?

In my head I have always thought of MTG Forge as a limited simulator. I believe MTG Forge could really shine in sealed and draft games. MTG Forge will always essentially be a little bit weaker in constructed games since they have very focused decks that execute a specific plan which require playtesting in order use correctly.

The computer AI will not have the luxury of playtesting like a human player and the computer will try to compensate by playing the deck as good as it can but the AI won’t follow deck’s overall game plan. Granted, specific AI’s could be written to play specific decks or types of decks which would improve the AI’s performance.

Join me next time as I continue my discussion of how MTG Forge’s uses limited decks, thank you and good night.


Unknown said...

I think, that the greatest feature of MTG Forge is realization of game rules. I tried to play with my friend over the network using Magic Workstation, but that was really dumb. He isn't good at rules ;)

But when i started playing MTG Forge i quickly remembered all the rules and that was very easy.

So i have one great wish for further development of MTG Forge: multiplayer over the network. Of course, after main work will be finished.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

If MTGForge actually followed the rules it would rock unbelievably :) (Im a little annoyed with the cheats :P)

But Following the rules isnt always so easy. :)

Getting the phases/steps working will be vast improvement.

Unknown said...

I look at MTGForge more as a solitaire for Magic. If and when a significantly large chunk of cards are implemented, (at least for extended, standard may be too fast to keep up with) it would be invaluable as an intelligent gold-fishing program to give decks initial play testing for card consistency.

I recommended MTGForge on Salvation when someone posted about using software to teach Magic on a college campus, where MODO's servers are blocked.

Magic Card Haven Admin said...

Forge is obviously meant to be Magic for those who can't find other players. Even if it doesn't always stick to the rules, it's still fun.

If you want a game that sticks to the rules, Play Magic (the official tutorial video game) not only has the real rules but also teaches them.

Anonymous said...

MTG Forge, for me, is/should be a single player game for quick matches (win 2 out of 3) to either play with the old or outrageously expensive cards you would otherwise not own.
(at least not 4 copies of such cards)
So, even with all its faults, MTG Forge is just what I need.
Not perfect, not complete, not exactly what we want. But it works, it's fun and we all help in making it better and better.

Sidenote: we need a new compiled version with all the cards added by people from the forum.
Reason: I am/we are missing out on a lot of user-added cards.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I agree mostly with Mr Chaos with the caveat that the quest feature sounded pretty darned cool and I really want to see that implemented. :)

Nanocore said...

Ditto Mr. Chaos too. I am looking for a quick game or two that is more enjoyable then the standard 52 card solitaire. MtG provides a chance (ha!) for variety. Also, specifically to MTG Forge, it runs on my platform of choice (Mac and Linux).

Forge said...

"Forge is obviously meant to be Magic for those who can't find other players. Even if it doesn't always stick to the rules, it's still fun."

Yeah, I play Magic as a solitare, single player game. So I see MTG Forge as just a single player videogame.

I continual goal is more cards and 95% of the rules, that extra 5% is killer but most of the time you shouldn't notice.

Anonymous said...

Let's try it with pareto principle... 80/20 :-)

Anonymous said...

MTGForge I think is about a quick game against the computer, test out some decks, or program some new cards :)

I'm really psyched about Quest mode, I really loved Shandalar. And this could be Shandalar, but twice as good, and with 10x as many cards.

Key gameplay element should be starting out with a weak deck, then winning matches to work your way up to the ancestral recalls and the moxes.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Completely forgot about the plans for the QUEST mode!
Yes, that is something to look forward too as well!
Thanks Gando, for reminding me.

Forge said...

Quest mode sounds fun for me too. I would love for it to have a story, but that is for a different time. The simplest form for the quest mode will be playing either 1 game matches against the AI or a full blown tournament. And the more you win, the more money you would get. And there would be a card shop where you would buy booster packs of cards, probably mono-colored boosters. That is quest mode version 1.0.

2.0 might have tournaments that have deck requirements like mono-green, blue black, or even no instants.

The Final Seeker said...

I am a big fan of magic and i am very pleased with magic forge. It's pretty fun, even more fun than magic 2012 duels of the planeswalker.
I understand that online play should be something very problematic because of legal, economical and technical issues.
But, how about a "turn based" 2 players on a same PC duel?
This could be very helpful for me and my friends to practice magic at my house.
Also, i think this is something easy and cheap to programme.
Please! update forge with a turn based multiplayer.
I am from Chile a Spanish Conuntry, so forgive me for my primitive English.
Any question you have, e mail me to
Good Bye!