Thursday, December 4, 2008

MTG Forge - Fixed Necropotence

There was a problem when Necropotence was in play, you couldn't play a land. This is the only change that I made.

And does anyone really miss the fancy Windows installer instead of just a zip file?

4 comments: said...

I wouldn't miss an installer package...

Forge said...

Running the "create installer" program only takes a few minutes, but I hate to keep creating a new installation program each time.

Anonymous said...

So you made the necro potent again. (And the "worst pun of the month" award goes to...)
Thanks for that as this bug made the card pretty much unplayable.

As for the installer, I am quite happy with just the zip file.
Actually, the fact that this game runs WITHOUT the need to install anything is a major plus for me.
(with the regular updates, it is easier to just remove a folder than to uninstal the previous version)

As for the award, you already have my e-mail address so you know where to send it. ;-)

Silly Freak said...

I won't miss it, too