Monday, August 3, 2009

New Version

I’m happy to announce that the new version of MTG Forge now has 150 new cards for a total of 1841 cards. All of the credit goes to DennisBergkamp, Rob Cashwalker and others from the forums. They have done a terrific job of updating MTG Forge with bug fixes and adding exciting new cards. (You should also note that the title bar has the incorrect date of 05/2009.)

There are a bunch of new M10 cards. The new cards include a bunch of “vanilla” creatures from Magic 2010 like Viashino Spearhunter (2R, 2/1 first strike), Kalonian Behemoth (5GG, 9/9 shroud), Deadly Recluse (1G, 1/2 reach deathtouch), Child of Night (2/1 lifelink). Other M10 cards include Holy Strength, Unholy Strength, Weakness, Brilliant Halo, (Enchanted Creature gets +1/+2, When Brilliant Halo is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Brilliant Halo to its owner's hand). Also added are the new M10 “lords” Goblin King, Lord of Atlantis, Elvish Champion, and Elvish Archdruid. More M10 cards include the new land Gargoyle Castle is also included, it can tap for 1 or for 5 be sacrificed for a 3/4 flying Gargoyle.

While new cards are super cool there are a number of Magic players that have some “old favorites” so Whirling Dervish, Putrefy, and the infinite token combo of Squirrel Nest and Earthcraft have all been added.

I can't believe that Serra Angel has been demoted to an uncommon in M10. Baneslayer Angel seems to take Serra’s place as the new flying, angel beatdown card. (Baneslayer Angel was also one of the cards that were added.)

I try to post an updated version of MTG Forge every month. If you want the cutting edge, newest version you can always check out the forums.

p.s. This is the 07/29 version that was posted on the forums.

p.s.s. In the Deck Editor you can move the new cards to the top by selecting "Sort By" then "Newer Cards First". Sometimes a card gets "remade" so it will appear at the top of the list even though a previous version of MTG Forge had that card.

p.s.s.s. AND I just fixed the picture download problem. This was only a problem if you didn't have MTG Forge previously installed. (The problem can be fixed by creating a directory named "pics" in the directory where you unzipped MTG Forge.)


Unknown said...

Yeah there were definitely a lot of shockers in M10, although there is no "shock". Silly puns aside, there are some cards that are just r than other cards in the same set. Djinn of wishes is strictly better than air elemental. And baneslayer might as well be strictly better than serra angel. Did you add cudgel troll? I really like that card.

Shing said...

love the mana pool

Forge said...

Yes I almost forgot, MTG Forge now has a mana pool so say hello to Dark Ritual, Sol Ring, Seething Song and others.

Forge said...

Yes we have Cudge Troll, this is the list of new cards.

Advanced Hoverguard
Ant Queen
Aura Blast

Baneslayer Angel
Berserkers of Blood Ridge
Brilliant Halo

Centaur Courser
Child of Night
Cloak of Feathers
Colossal Might
Creeping Mold
Cudgel Troll

Deadly Recluse
Desert Twister
Doom Blade
Double Cleave
Dragon Blood

Elite Vanguard
Elvish Archdruid
Elvish Champion
Emerald Oryx

Fanatical Fever
Fiery Hellhound
Fists of the Anvil
Fit of Rage
Foothill Guide

Gargoyle Castle
Ghostly Visit
Giant Crab
Glimmering Angel
Goblin King
Goldmeadow Harrier
Griffin Sentinel

Hand of Death
Hero's Demise
Holy Strength
Honor of the Pure
Howling Fury



Kalonian Behemoth
Kelinore Bat
Kindled Fury

Lace with Moonglove
Lava Flow
Lord of Atlantis

Mist Leopard
Mold Adder
Monstrous Growth
Mythic Proportions


Planar Cleansing
Predator's Strike

Quiet Purity

Rain of Tears
Runeclaw Bear

Sangrite Surge
Screaming Fury
Shadow Rift
Shriek of Dread
Siege Mastodon
Silk Net
Silvercoat Lion
Squirrel Nest
Stampeding Rhino
Stormfront Pegasus
Stream of Acid
Sudden Strength
Sunder from Within

Umbral Mantle
Unholy Strength
Unnatural Speed

Viashino Spearhunter

Wall of Faith
Warpath Ghoul
Warren-Scourge Elf
Whirling Dervish
Wielding the Green Dragon
Winter's Grasp
Wrecking Ball

Zephyr Sprite
Zombie Goliath

Forge said...

There was a problem downloading the card pictures, so now there is a version.

Forge said...

You can also download all of the card pictures from here (46 MB).

Hermes057 said...

Great work! it's getting better and better

Anonymous said...

Amazing work everyone!

I love your updates : )

crussellsprout said...

Great to see a bunch of new cards added and other things like the mana pool and small details like enchant creatures showing up on the board!

Unfortunately, with this newer version I seem to regularly start to experience severe lag (several orders of magnitude longer than before, and starting much earlier in games) which makes the game unplayable. Specifically, I have been playing games in Quest mode (very hard setting). Anyone else experience this slowdown? Is there a more complex AI being used in this mode that increases complexity significantly or anything like that?

Chris H. said...

An early version of the quest data files were included with the latest version of Forge. We apologize for this, mistakes will happen on occasion.

I looked through my collection of files and I found the last version of the four quest data files that I created for our project.

I have been fairly busy the last several months and have not had the time necessary to create additional new quest mode decks. The url below will provide the most recent quest files.

Forge said...

About the severe lag, I don't experience it on my underpowered 733 mhz computer. I can't think of any reason that MTG Forge would be running slowly. The computer AI attacking and blocking code was updated but they aren't CPU intensive. Some individual cards have lag, any cards with a static effects like Glorious Anthem, Wonder, Slivers.

Does anyone else experience lag? You can post your problems on the forums.